Tyk 2.5: It’s Tyk, with added bite

A city abandoned. Streets left deserted. The hatches battened down. And absolutely no queues at the bar. No, it’s not the usual post-holiday slump causing this ghost town… Tyk 2.5 is here! And what’s more, it’s a Godzilla of a release – one that not even Rodan or Mothra combined could handle.

OK, so she is still lacking the atomic breath, and we wouldn’t recommend you try to operate her under water, but Tyk 2.5 is more powerful, quicker and stronger than ever before. This latest release sees Tyk stomp around and show you just what she’s capable of doing with your APIs, including new SSO functionalities ready for tinkering with.  

Here’s our quick overview of the key updates you really need to know about. We’ve covered both the sexy and the functional, and tried to keep it short and sweet. But, if you do need all the gory details, you can head over to the 2.5 release notes for the full list of special effects.

Want to get started right away? Download v2.5 here.

Tyk Dashboard: underestimate at your peril

In her latest reboot, Tyk takes on a whole new look to give you, and your API performance, a big ol’ tail thwack visually. It’s the same lightweight, reliable and hardworking Tyk you love, but with added bite.

Whilst our last major Dashboard release of 2017 (v1.4) brought with it some UX enhancements, this update (v1.5) goes further, with a complete facelift of the Dashboard UI that we think you’re going to love. We are really proud of the hard work and detail that’s gone into this makeover – and it’s not all about a pretty face. You’ll notice:

  • A more modern, fun look and feel – more Tyk, less Bootstrap
  • Consistent layouts and action buttons across each section
  • Better feedback on errors and updates
  • A new ‘Getting Started’ walkthrough for a better first-use experience
  • Search functionality on APIs and Policies
  • UX improvements
  • Lots more… read our full v2.5 release notes for all the details. 

This is only the start of our transformation. In 2018 you can expect our UX team to be rolling out periodic improvements to each of the main components of the Dashboard and Gateway.

A glimpse of the new Dashboard look-and-feel

What else does v2.5 bring?

As well as a fierce new look-and-feel, we’ve been working hard to bring more options to configure Single-Sign-on (SSO) with Tyk. We’re pleased to announce that with Tyk Identity Broker (TIB) v0.3, shipping with this release, you can set up any Identity provider (IDP) that supports OpenID, such as Okta, Ping, KeyCloak, Auth0, enabling you to configure SSO, if they support these. In addition, if the IDP supports Multi-factor authentication (MFA), you can achieve this through the integration too.

Tyk 2.5 includes:

Help us build something you love, and be rewarded

Tyk relies on your comments, suggestions and esoteric requests. To encourage more of the good stuff, we’ve set up a Tyk Research Panel – an opportunity for you to have your say and effect real change on the Tyk platform. In return you’ll receive rewards to show our thanks – plus, an improved Tyk powering your APIs.  Sign up to the Tyk Research Panel (and rewards! Did we mention the rewards? There are rewards!)

In addition, we’ll also be launching the Tyk Cloud Beta program – allowing you to get your hands on our latest pre-release version of Tyk Cloud. Not only that, you’ll also be rewarded for posting feedback or spotting bugs. Request an invitation to join the Tyk Cloud Beta Program.

Get your hands on Tyk 2.5

On Tyk cloud? You don’t have to do anything. The Gateway and Dashboard will be updated automatically.

Got Tyk Hybrid, or running On-Premises? The release is available right away via packages and Docker. Head over to the Upgrade Guide and follow the instructions.

Not using Tyk yet? What are you waiting for? Get started on Tyk now.

Download Tyk 2.5 now