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Upgrading Tyk


Depending on the version of Tyk you have installed, upgrading to the latest version works as follows:

Tyk Cloud

Tyk Cloud users are automatically upgraded to the latest version as soon as it’s released.

Tyk Multi-Cloud Gateway

We recommend you upgrade your Tyk Multi-Cloud Gateway in the following way:

  1. Take a backup of your tyk.conf, tyk-analytics.conf and files. This is important if you have modified your Docker Container in your current version.
  2. Re-run the script:

For Mac OS Users

From a Terminal:

curl "" -o ""
chmod +x

For Linux Users

chmod +x

This command will start the Docker container and be ready to proxy traffic (you will need to check the logs of the container to make sure the login was successful).


  • PORT: The port for Tyk to listen on (usually 8080).
  • TYK-SECRET: The secret key to use so you can interact with your Tyk node via the REST API.
  • RPC-CREDENTIALS: Your Organisation ID. This can be found from the System Management > Users section from the Dashboard. Click Edit on a User to view the Organisation ID.
  • API-CREDENTIALS: Your Tyk Dashboard API Access Credentials. This can be found from the System Management > Users section from the Dashboard. Click Edit on a User to view the Tyk Dashboard API Access Credentials. API key location

Check everything is working

To check if the node has connected and logged in, use the following command:

sudo docker logs --tail=100 --follow tyk_hybrid

This will show you the log output of the Multi-Cloud container, if you don’t see any connectivity errors, and the log output ends something like this:

time="Jul  7 08:15:03" level=info msg="Gateway started (vx.x.x.x)"
time="Jul  7 08:15:03" level=info msg="--> Listening on port: 8080"

Then the gateway has successfully re-started.

Tyk On-Premises

Our repositories will be updated at when new versions are released. As you set up these repositories when installing Tyk to upgrade all Tyk components you can run:

For Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade


sudo yum update

Note: In Tyk Gateway before 2.5 and Tyk Dashboard before 1.5 there’s a known Red Hat bug with init scripts being removed on package upgrade. In order to work around it, it’s required to force reinstall the packages, e.g.: sudo yum reinstall tyk-gateway tyk-dashboard

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