Introducing long term support – some changes to our release process & product versioning

With millions of downloads and a commitment to backward compatibility, we know that flexibility of upgrade path and timing is an important factor for our users. 

We’ve listened to your feedback and are introducing a new release process and versioning to allow us to accelerate our release cadence, whilst giving clarity to our installed user base.

With our latest release, we have bumped our major gateway version from 2 to 3. 

We have also changed our Tyk Dashboard major version from 1 to 3

From now on Tyk Gateway and Dashboard versions will be in sync for all major and minor releases.

Tyk has had large major releases previously, without changing the major number, so what has changed and why have we decided to do this now?

We are changing our internal release strategy to guarantee more stability and to allow us to deliver our product at a faster pace. We aim to bring more clarity to our users on the stability criteria they can expect, based on the version number.

We will be delivering 2 major releases per year. The next major release after 3.x will be 4.x. 

Between the major releases, we will deliver 2 minor releases, which will bring smaller fixes and enhancements and they will use the second version number; for example 3.1, 3.2. Additionally, there will be patch releases, using the third number e.g. 3.0.1, 3.1.2 and so on.

  • Major – 3.0
  • Minor (enhancements) – 3.1
  • Patch (bug fix) – 3.0.1

Long Term Support

Since we will increase the pace of releases, we want to balance it by introducing Long Term Support, meaning all of our major releases are supported for one year. 

When version 3 is released it will continue to receive patch releases and support until the next major version is released. At the same time, minor versions will only be supported until the next minor or major release is available. 

For example:

Major version 3.0 will be released and supported for one year from the date of release. We will release minor versions e.g. 3.1 and patch releases e.g. 3.1.1, minor versions will only be supported until the next minor release is available, in this scenario 3.2. 

If we have the next major release approaching, and we have no minor releases for the current version on the roadmap, we will not be adding enhancements into the previous major version. We will consider bug fixes on a case by case basis.

The changes mentioned above help us to support you better:

  • If you are looking for stability you can benefit from the long term supported major releases, with the downside of not having the latest features
  • Or you can get the latest features by using our minor releases, but will have less of a window for product support