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Our business is modelled after Tyk, like her our team are tencious, work smart, and deliver amazing results through teamwork.

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Hackery Jiggery Pokery

At Tyk, we're very fond of dreamers, and we're even more fond of those with varied interests, crazy ideas and side projects.
We commit to making sure that we'll enable you to continue that.

Mentoring, not management

There are no stupid questions, and there is always room for debate. Speak up. Be prepared to defend your ideas. Your ideas are important!
Mentoring from your peers, responsibility for your ideas and actions - this is what makes Tyk thrive.

Real Lives

We all have our private lives, and we want to make sure that we enable you to live yours. Because of that, we commit to an unlimited holiday policy, flexible hours and remote working.

Our spacious office is situated in the heart of the Shoreditch Triangle. Tons of great places to eat and drink, there’s Street Art, Hipsters and Lumbersexuals... we have it all.

Make it MOAR Tyk

We open our door to your quirks, oddities and weirdness, because everyone is weird – and its empowering to share that weirdness with others.

We are a company with a weird green blob with legs as our mascot (our Designer says it’s TEAL), we know it's awesome and we know it looks funny. That's Tyk.

Current Vacancies

October 2017

Consulting Software Engineer


We are seeking a Consulting Software Engineer for our global team. We believe that for technical clients, it’s best to have knowledgeable, technical people that work on our core product also be the ones to help them get the solution they need.

You will play a critical role throughout the relationship with our users: working closely with their technical team during their evaluation process, actively manage their on-boarding, and their integration of Tyk and its services into the client infrastructure.

Since this is an engineering role, we want you to contribute your skill and knowledge to our product, and work with the product team to help create the next generation of the Tyk API Gateway stack.

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Graduate Developer & Support Engineer


We’re looking for a Graduate Support Engineer who’s keen to engage with our team and our clients and help shape the way the company and our product is built.

We want someone who is independent and capable of taking responsibility for delivery. Our thriving community and our enterprise customers are the people you need to satisfy. We are fanatical about listening to our clients.

We need someone who likes to ask questions, listen and then deliver.

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