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Tyk is the next-generation API experience platform for creating, assessing, securing and publishing your APIs. Empower your product, platform teams, and developers to improve performance through a standout API experience that fosters security and control and translates into tangible business outcomes.

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What is a platform team?

A platform engineering team specialises in designing, building, and maintaining the foundational technology infrastructure and platforms for developing and running software applications and services.

What is a developer team?

API developer teams are responsible for creating, designing, securing and maintaining APIs, enabling software systems to communicate and interact effectively.

What is a product team?

An API product team is a cross-functional group within an organisation responsible for developing, managing, and strategically planning APIs as products.

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Tyk is here to help. Whether you need technical guidance or strategic advice, we’ve got your back. Choose Tyk, and you’ll be joining a community of developers, engineers, and experts who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

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