Powering 40 APIs that serve over 10 million True customers.


True is one of the largest communications companies in Thailand, operating the country’s largest cable TV provider (TrueVisions), largest ISP (TrueOnline) and one of Thailand’s largest mobile operators, (TrueMove H).

True is innovating in the software development space through their TrueID App and Digital & Media Platform, and currently has around 40 APIs that are integral to powering the extensive mobile and web applications that serve over 10 million customers every single month.

Whether it’s live TV broadcasting around Thailand, or facilitating self-service payments, these applications are part of True’s core product range.


The applications that True use their APIs for are central to customer experience – without them, users can’t complete their usual day-to-day transactions or even watch the English Premier League.

If an application is unavailable, it can also have huge financial and reputational implications across the business – whether it’s logistics, order processing or even revenue generation.

True needed to ensure that their APIs had a single access point of integration and authentication, with high capacity and cost-effective scalability for the millions of customers they serve. They also wanted to minimise the risk of poor and inconsistent API security as much as possible, and secure their APIs throughout the process.

All of these complexities needed to be addressed across the suite of 40 True APIs, but using a provider that didn’t get in the way of True’s day-to-day operations or time-to-market on new apps.


After doing some online research into possible API Gateway and Management solutions, True quickly honed in on Tyk’s compatibility with their needs.

First of all, Tyk stood out for its ability to scale and ease of implementation. Tyk’s lightweight API management solution allowed True to get all 40 of their APIs up and running, and the new solution embedded into their technical team, within a month of installing.

Given the importance of APIs to True’s business, this was a key factor for choosing Tyk. High scalability also means that future innovation is deftly supported, improving time-to-market for new API-led products.

Finally, the ability to deploy on-premises, and support multiple data centres from one central dashboard gave True the control and visibility they need to continually refine and innovate.


True found Tyk simple and straightforward to get started with. Once in production, True immediately noticed that their workflows and integration for front-end apps became much easier to manage.

Now, once they’ve developed a new API, they simply load it into Tyk and create the policy and token for the relevant client, making innovation for True, and their clients, quicker and easier.

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True Corp Case Study

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