Chợ Tốt

Helping the number one C2C marketplace in Vietnam move towards a microservices architecture that supports their platform's 10m+ users

SECTOR  Consumer
PRODUCT  Self-Managed


Chợ Tốt is the number one C2C marketplace platform in Vietnam, powering more than a billion views and more than 10 million users buy and sell on our platform in a month. The team at Chợ Tốt always aim to deliver the best user experience natively across all major platform from desktop, mobile web to native apps on Android, iOS and Window. On a rough average, Tyk serves more than 10 million api requests on a daily basis.


Chợ Tốt are moving to a full microservice architecture, supported by service discovery and continuous deployment. Tyk is central to this, reliably serving 10million API requests per day, with response times of less than 30ms, whilst enabling experimental product innovation to be quickly deployed and tested.


Chợ Tốt is known for its reliable and high speed service, accessible across the web and a range of native devices. Operating at massive scale, with 10million active users trading online, its important that every interaction is fast and reliable. But innovation is as important as reliability and Tyk is used to deliver an architecture that supports innovation. Only through continuous improvement can Chợ Tốt deliver the best possible experience to their users.


Using Tyk Pro, installed On-Premises, Chợ Tốt have been able to deliver a move towards a large scale microservice architecture. Incorporating Service Discovery to ensure High Availability of the service. This new architecture allows the product team to deliver faster innovation to the end user, ensuring Chợ Tốt remain the number 1 marketplace in Vietnam.


  • 10m API calls per day
  • Largest Marketplace in Vietnam
  • 30ms response speeds

With Tyk, our experimental product innovation had been rolled out much faster. Tyk out of the box is super simple to get started and deploy, and we receive very prompt responses from the Tyk team.

Hien Tu Lead Architect, Chợ Tốt