Multi-team walled garden

Centralised governance in a decentralised world

Just because you need multiple, isolated API gateways, doesn’t mean that you can’t have centralised governance.

Through Tyk’s control plane, you can give each team their own gateways, to manage as they see fit, while maintaining full visibility and enforcing centralised control.

Ideal for large enterprises, our segregated deployments allow for independent development. Your engineers and managers can each work within their own contexts.

No duplication. Full GitOps API workflows. Kubernetes API Management support.

Everything you need to solve complex organisational challenges.

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Full traffic isolation

Each team has its own set of gateways that it manages in the way it needs, sending API analytics to its own business intelligence tooling.

Avoid duplication

Allow your teams to build APIs and publish them to an internal catalogue where other teams can discover them and share their own. A simple way to cut out replication while still enabling independent development.

Centralised management

Your API platform team can have oversight of everything. Tyk’s control plane provides a high-level overview, avoiding the need to manage each installation separately. Because who has time for that?

Compliance, sorted

Segregated deployments can work wonders when it comes to API Security and compliance. Tyk is the ideal solution for the financial services industry and other sectors where compliance is a priority.

Work in your local context

Tyk’s decentralised deployment solution means that your managers and engineers can all do their own thing, without holding each other up or stepping on each other’s toes.

Your developers can focus on what they do best, without getting caught up in non-development stuff. Your managers can work independently of the developers.

Full GitOps workflows mean that developers can automate everything they do – unlike traditional API management software (where you need to point and click for everything).

Simple. Sensible. Practical. Why would you do things any other way?

Société Générale had three teams, each with three deployments (development, staging and production). Discover how Tyk’s solution made their lives easier.

Management made simple

Tyk isn’t trying to change the way that you work. We fit around your processes and your architecture.

No extensive training needs and no need to think differently. Just logically isolated gateways delivering environments that don’t interfere with each other. All with a single management layer (control plane).

Everyone wins.

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