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Tyk Operator brings full lifecycle API management to Kubernetes.

Scale your K8s stack easily, without having to change the existing stack and without the headache of another bloated system sitting on top.

Blend in existing and legacy systems with ease, while bringing a great developer experience to the table.

This is Kubernetes API management done right.

Tyk is trusted by businesses around the world

Declarative API management

Tyk Operator’s Kubernetes-native approach governs the API management for your K8s stack. Powerful, reliable full lifecycle API management capabilities for Kubernetes.

Flexibility as standard, mould to your needs

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a bunch of legacy systems, Tyk makes it easy to add API management to Kubernetes.

Security and stability where you need them

Securely manage your traffic with Tyk to deliver APIs to your services and users with ease, thanks to our Kubernetes-centric approach.

A Kubernetes-centric approach for your stack

With Tyk Operator, Kubernetes is a first-class citizen. Keep as much of your infrastructure code as possible, as Tyk works beautifully with the workflows and practices that come with using Kubernetes.

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Support your existing stacks

Why change your existing stacks when you don’t need to? With Tyk operator, you can scale your existing stacks much more easily, without having to change them. We put powerful capabilities in your hands.

Your developers will thank you

Tyk Operator was created by developers, for developers. At the heart of our Kubernetes-native API management platform, lies a great developer experience.

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Kubernetes and Tyk – the perfect pairing

Tyk is designed to securely manage and secure traffic from the outside of your network to the inside when you use Kubernetes. We automatically generate a route for your service and API list while also setting defaults. Things like not adding any rate limiting and adding a request ID, so that you can track trust requests as they pass through your cluster.

It’s simple, effective and designed to slot right into your Kubernetes workflow.

We are using Tyk to manage ingress inside of Kubernetes, and it is allowing us to focus on our business value instead of solving authorization, rate-limiting, and other access-related problems ourselves.

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Kubernetes to the core

The approaches, techniques and language you need

Fully featured

Full lifecycle API management capabilities designed around Kubernetes.

Do it all

Configure ingress, APIs, security policies, authentication, authorization, mediation and more.

Best practice as standard

Created using GitOps best practices, with custom resources and Kubernetes-native primitives.

Everything you need


If you’re using Kubernetes to lend scalability and interoperability to your containers, Tyk can help you to scale up (or down) with ease.

Centric approach

Tyk provides a Kubernetes-native, open source API gateway that allows you to manage your APIs declaratively. We enable you to manage your traffic securely and reliably, through our powerful, Kubernetes-centric approach.


We don’t add bloated, unnecessary layers to your stack. Instead, we tune into the workflows and practices that are particular to K8s, so that you can achieve what you need to swiftly and easily.


Tyk blends into existing and legacy systems without creating headaches, allowing you to manage your APIs like never before.

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