API management in Kubernetes with Tyk Gateway and Operator

Secure, reliable, Kubernetes-native API management & gateway

Tyk Operator brings full lifecycle API management to Kubernetes.

Use Tyk Gateway and Tyk Operator to scale your K8s stack easily, without having to change the existing stack and without the headache of another bloated system sitting on top.

Blend in existing and legacy systems with ease, while bringing a great developer experience to the table.

This is Kubernetes API management done right.

Install Tyk on Kubernetes

Tyk is trusted by businesses around the world

Powerful API management for Kubernetes

Install Tyk in your Kubernetes cluster via Helm charts or manifest files.

Enjoy full lifecycle API management capabilities designed around Kubernetes.

Configure ingress, APIs, security policies, authentication, authorisation, mediation and more.

Use GitOps best practices, with custom resources and Kubernetes-native primitives.

Flexible installation options for Tyk API Gateway with Kubernetes

You can use the Tyk Helm chart to install the full Tyk platform into your K8s cluster, including Tyk Manager, Tyk Gateway and Tyk Pump.

Want a declarative Kubernetes API manager? No problem, just install Tyk Operator too.

Tyk Operator enables you to set the Tyk Gateway as a Kubernetes ingress controller and manage API definitions, security policies and more via K8s manifest files.

Robust security for Kubernetes

Tyk is designed to secure and securely manage traffic from the outside of your network to the inside when you use Kubernetes. Use Tyk as your Kubernetes API gateway to:

  • Automatically generate a route for your service and API list
  • Set defaults
  • Avoid adding any rate limiting
  • Add a request ID to track trust requests as they pass through your cluster

Using Tyk to strengthen your security in Kubernetes is simple and effective, as Tyk has been designed to slot right into your Kubernetes workflow, using the approaches, techniques and language you need.

Use Tyk’s API Gateway for Kubernetes to move from monolith to microservices

Move from monolith to microservices with Tyk’s API Gateway for Kubernetes, then scale with ease while enjoying a great developer experience.

With Tyk Operator, you can take a Kubernetes-centric approach for your stack. You can make your developers happy by keeping as much of your infrastructure code as possible, as Tyk works beautifully with the workflows and practices that come with using Kubernetes. After all, why change your existing stack when you don’t need to?

Simplify your business today

Kubernetes and Tyk – the perfect pairing

Tyk is designed to securely manage and secure traffic from the outside of your network to the inside when you use Kubernetes. We automatically generate a route for your service and API list while also setting defaults. Things like not adding any rate limiting and adding a request ID, so that you can track trust requests as they pass through your cluster.

It’s simple, effective and designed to slot right into your Kubernetes workflow.

“We are using Tyk to manage ingress inside of Kubernetes, and it is allowing us to focus on our business value instead of solving authorization, rate-limiting, and other access-related problems ourselves”

GPS Insight

Tyk and Kubernetes – everything you need

Scaling up (or down) with ease when you’re using Kubernetes to lend scalability and interoperability to your containers.

Managing your APIs declaratively using our Kubernetes-native, open source API gateway.

Managing your traffic securely and reliably.

Tyk does all this without adding bloated, unnecessary layers to your clusters. Instead, we tune into the workflows and practices that are particular to K8s, so that you can achieve what you need to swiftly and easily. Tyk blends into existing and legacy systems without creating headaches, allowing you to manage your APIs like never before.



Does Tyk support GitOps workflows when used with Kubernetes?

Yes, you can use the Tyk API Gateway with GitOps workflows. You can set it as a Kubernetes ingress controller, using Tyk Operator to enable declarative API management. This allows you to describe the entire API management system declaratively.


Can I manage APIs in Kubernetes with Tyk Cloud?

Yes, you can install Tyk in your cluster, as a hybrid solution or using Tyk Cloud, then use Tyk Operator to manage your APIs in Kubernetes. We provide flexible ways to get started with Tyk Operator, so that you can use the solution that works best for you.


Is Tyk Operator open source?

Yes, Tyk Operator is 100% open source, as is the Tyk Gateway. Tyk Operator can operate on a single gateway.


What are the benefits of using Tyk Operator for declarative API configurations?

Using Tyk Operator for Kubernetes means you can enjoy:

  •   Enhanced security and compliance, with all changes going through peer review through pull requests.
  •   Outstanding version control.
  •   Smooth CI/CD pipeline that enables developers to use their preferred tooling to develop, test and deploy microservices and API configurations together.
  •   A single source of truth, which reduces the meantime from system failure to recovery from hours to just minutes.

 Does Tyk’s Kubernetes Operator work with GraphQL?

Yes, absolutely. You can use Tyk to take a no-code, declarative approach to publishing REST-based microservices as GraphQL, using Tyk Operator and Universal Data Graph.


Can I integrate an IDE when using Tyk for K8s API management?  

Yes, you can add Kubernetes extensions to popular IDEs, enabling you to benefit from auto-completion when you edit Tyk CRD YAML files.


Can I use Tyk Operator with the Tyk Classic Developer Portal?

You can. Doing so allows you to manage your Classic Developer Portal declaratively.