Tyk supports swift Singapore government tech adoption through IMDA Tech Acceleration Lab

In 2023, Tyk became the first API management provider to achieve Singapore’s prestigious Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) accreditation. Now, we’re working through the IMDA’s Tech Acceleration Lab to connect Singapore-based tech companies and start-ups with government departments in one of the world’s “most dynamic and thriving business hubs”.

Why the Tech Acceleration Lab is so important 

The Tech Acceleration Lab enables Singapore-based tech companies and start-ups to shorten deployment timelines when working on government projects. It seeks to promote innovation and dynamism within a framework that ensures compliance with all relevant Singaporean legislation. In doing so, the initiative can support tech providers and government departments overcome technological adoption hurdles.

Go-to-market challenges 

Singapore’s regulatory framework and data protection laws require careful handling of sensitive information. The need for strict compliance, especially in finance and healthcare, ensures that data is kept safe. However, it can also slow down the adoption of new technology.

Integrating new technologies with legacy systems can also be challenging, posing interoperability issues for Singaporean government departments – just as for government departments worldwide.

Other factors also have the potential to hinder innovation, from limited departmental budgets to rigorous and time-consuming procurement procedures. Then, there’s the need to address skill gaps for new technologies and secure the entire tech supply chain. All while upholding public perception and trust about data security and privacy.

Tyk and the Tech Acceleration Lab sandbox 

IMDA’s Tech Acceleration Lab brings together government departments and tech innovators to overcome these challenges. It provides a comprehensive platform for evaluating and testing new technologies, offering simplified, user-friendly deployment, reduced learning curves for product implementation and a conducive testing environment for innovative solutions.

In doing so, the Tech Acceleration Lab encourages iterative improvements, fostering innovation and effectively implementing cutting-edge technologies within the high-tech space.

This is where Tyk slots in. As a leading next-generation API management platform accredited by IMDA, Tyk offers an innovative solution in the dynamic Singaporean tech landscape. The Tech Acceleration Lab facilitates seamless onboarding for government entities onto Government on Commercial Cloud (GCC) infrastructure. This involves empowering Tyk to establish a self-managed deployment within a meticulously secured environment, ensuring a robust and controlled implementation of the Tyk stack.

The deployed sandbox, built on GCC infrastructure, offers Singapore government agencies a streamlined way to explore the Tyk API management platform’s capabilities. This eliminates the complexities of lengthy proof of concept (PoC) processes, reducing resource needs, approvals, and infrastructure setup hassles.

Getting to market faster

The sandbox allows swift and efficient use case testing, offering a blueprint for the tailored design and deployment of Tyk API management on GCC to meet specific requirements. Replicating this sandbox or making minor adjustments simplifies the process of adopting Tyk for government agencies.

Deploying a sandbox on GCC infrastructure offers multiple business and financial benefits. It not only streamlines testing processes and reduces the costs associated with PoCs but also optimises resources, provides rapid prototyping and offers a replicable blueprint. It also supports efficient decision-making, scalability insights and alignment with regulations, fostering a cost-effective and informed adoption of Tyk’s next-generation API experience platform.

Pioneering collaborations 

Tyk has a well-established, robust partner network in Singapore. Our second office opened there in 2017, and we work with businesses, government departments, and critical public infrastructure in Singapore and the wider Asia-Pacific region. As such, we are well used to collaborating effectively with technology leaders and skilled teams to support dynamic innovation in Singapore.

We regularly hold knowledge-sharing sessions, deep dives, customer brown bag sessions and tech field days with our local partners. Regular seminars, webinars and business meetings in Singapore also help ensure active and productive synergies.

The Tech Accelerator Lab and its sandbox capabilities provide an effortless avenue for Tyk’s partners in Singapore to explore and test new features, product capabilities, and use cases on behalf of our customers. This facilitates the continuous improvement of Tyk’s product offering. It also serves as a valuable resource for new customers seeking to understand the benefits of adopting Tyk’s centralised API management platform.

These collaborative efforts with our partners are key in enhancing the adoption and success of Tyk’s solutions within Singapore’s dynamic landscape of government tech initiatives.

Powering transformative innovation

Tyk’s accreditation by IMDA in the “Enterprise Data and Development Platform” category means that our API experience platform has emerged as a catalyst, empowering government tech leaders and innovators to overcome multiple challenges.

Key to this is our unwavering commitment to providing a seamless testing experience, delivering cost-efficient solutions and fostering rapid prototypes within Singapore’s government tech landscape.

As we pave the way for streamlined processes and heightened efficiency, Tyk’s API management supports a future where agencies can navigate complexities with agility, embracing cutting-edge technologies for sustainable growth and success.

Ready for the future? Then, discover more about Tyk in Singapore and get ready to harness the power of innovation.