Leveraging the power of APIs to drive innovation

The backbone, the software intermediary, the connective tissue – whatever you like to call them, APIs wield a huge amount of power in today’s tech ecosystem.  

It wasn’t that long ago when you would hear the phrase, “there must be an app for that”, everywhere. It’s now a decade since the first explosion of mobile apps, and these days, we live in an environment where you’re just as likely to hear, “there must be an API for that”, as well. 

The API advantage

It’s this mammoth power of APIs, and how to unlock it, that we focus on in our new ebook, ‘The API advantage: how product managers can leverage APIs to drive innovation’ written by Tyk’s very own senior product manager, Sergei Lega. 

By leveraging APIs, product managers can unlock several ways to drive innovation and business opportunities, including enabling integrations, creating new products, experimenting with new technologies, partnering with other companies, and gaining insights into user behaviour. 

Here’s what you have to look forward to in this stellar book:

  • A brief history of integration technologies.
  • How to design, launch and scale a successful API program.
  • A deep dive into the three API business models and their use cases: direct monetisation, indirect monetisation and revenue sharing.
  • The top ten and most influential API experts to follow.
  • A selection of quotes from successful API experts and influencers about their API journeys.

Whether you’re a seasoned product manager or just getting started, this book is an essential source of truth. Sergei puts some of the hardest of concepts into the simplest of words, and through real-life examples, use cases and tips, you’ll start seeing the world of product management and the essential role of APIs from the angle that works for you. 

This is critical in today’s highly competitive, connected and rapidly changing business environment. The ability to innovate and adapt is crucial for the long-term success of any product or business. 

The future of leveraging APIs to drive innovation is as bright as the businesses utilising them. Are you ready? Download your copy now and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.