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API platform engineering

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Upskill your role within the platform team

The API platform engineering fundamentals programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to architect, develop, and deploy cloud-native API platforms.

Programme duration On-demand
Session duration 60-90 mins
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Platform teams, SREs, platform engineers, DevOps engineers, platform engineering managers, staff engineers
Pre-requirements: – A basic understanding of APIs
– Enthusiasm for learning about platform engineering concepts
Assessment 1 overall assessment


7 reasons why you need to sign up

  1. Understand the processes, people and API platforms that make platform teams successful
  2. Learn how to design, build, and manage API platforms effectively, allowing your company’s developers to create robust, scalable, and user-friendly applications.
  3. Connect with platform engineering industry thought leaders that guide you through real-world scenarios, hands-on projects, and best practices
  4. Understand the role of platform engineering inside a business, how to achieve a platform team’s objectives & how teams collaborate with others in their organisation.
  5. Dig into the developer tools and processes that make platform teams stick.
  6. Earn an “API platform engineering | fundamentals” certificate for your professional profile.
  7. Designed together with Tyk’s API platform leads and guests from world-class platform teams, engineering and infrastructure teams at businesses all over the world; from banks, to oceans, to outer space.

Programme curriculum

Module 1

An introduction to API platform engineering

  • What is an API platform and why does it matter?
  • Unpack the core concepts of platform engineering in everyday terms
  • Explore the relationship between platform engineering and successful APIs

Module 2

Jobs to be done and how to achieve them

  • Take part in a workshop creating JTBD based on job roles
  • Apply design thinking principles to find pain points for platform teams
  • Discuss how to address the JTBD for technical and non-technical audiences

Module 3

The platform team’s toolkit: The three P’s

  • People: Platform team structure, collaboration
  • Processes: Agile development, feedback, testing, automation
  • Products: Tools that help platform teams succeed

Module 4

Building and securing scalable API platforms

  • An in depth look at different types of API security
  • Explore the role of open standards like OAuth, OAS and OpenTelemetry
  • Learn about governance: planning beyond launch day, conventions, access control and data sovereignty

Module 5

How API management can address key JTBD

  • Traffic management and monitoring for API security
  • A no-code/low code solution for removing data silos
  • Productising and monetising APIs using a developer portal

Module 6

Measuring success and the future of platform engineering

  • Which metrics matter and how to measure them
  • How to choose the right KPIs to define success and failure
  • How to tackle new and emerging technologies like AI

Is this for you?

Wondering who else will be taking part in the programme? They will generally fall into these key job roles:

  • Site reliability engineers
  • Staff engineers
  • (Senior) Technical architects
  • (Senior) DevOps
  • API platform managers
  • API platform product managers

Experienced instructors

The programme is led by industry professionals with extensive experience in platform engineering and API development.

Learn by doing

Engage in real-world projects that challenge you to apply your knowledge and skills to practical scenarios.

Earn a certificate

Gain a valuable certification that can enhance your career prospects and showcase your expertise to potential employers.

Knowledge sharing

Collaborative learning, personalised guidance, and industry knowledge sharing.

Meet your programme lead

Budha Bhattacharya is a Developer Advocate at Tyk, responsible for product education, community engagement, and open-source ecosystem expansion. He is the host of the All About APIs podcast as well as the API hangout where he engages with developers and business leaders on all things APIs including product management, platform engineering, API security, open source and open standards.

In his spare time, he enjoys trying out new gadgets, learning different dance styles and watching horror movies!