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Microservices and Tyk – the ideal pairing

Ultra-flexible solutions with a microservices-first approach

Whether you’re migrating to a microservice architecture or building from scratch with microservices, Tyk is the natural choice.

We are built from the ground up to facilitate microservices-focused architectures including features such as service discovery, load balancing, circuit breakers and enforced timeouts.

Super flexible and cloud native, Tyk enables you to scale up and down as much and as fast as you need. There’s no need for huge training programme rollouts, or doing things a fixed ‘Tyk way’ – we fit to your way of doing things and integrate naturally.

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“We use microservices ourselves – we walk the walk.”

Tyk takes a microservices-first approach, so we know what we’re talking about.

All our components can easily scale horizontally. You can use small servers to provide high availability, then simply add more instances, depending on your traffic needs. Scaling down is also simplicity itself.

From cloud-native environments to on-premise solutions and everything in between, Tyk is here to help.

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“Chợ Tốt are moving to a full microservice architecture, supported by service discovery and continuous deployment. Tyk is central to this, reliably serving 10million API requests per day, with response times of less than 30ms, whilst enabling experimental product innovation to be quickly deployed and tested.”

The only API Management platform, built from the ground-up for microservices

No Monoliths or legacy proxies

Tyk isn’t dependent on Nginx or other legacy proxies, it was built from the ground-up to enable enterprise scale microservice programmes.

Service Discovery 

Mesosphere, Eureka, Etcd, Zookeeper, Consul, Linkerd… we have you covered to ensure your API programme can benefit from service discovery. All accessible through configuration, automation or our powerful dashboard GUI.

Load Balancing

With native support for load balancing your API, out of the box in our gateway, you can get started straight away, with all the essentials, including weighting your requests. You can also load balance gRPC traffic

Circuit Breakers

Out of the box, Tyk provides the circuit breaker pattern for your microservices, you can configure through the GUI or API Definition and hook into our events handler to take action when a circuit breaker trips.

Enforced Timeouts

Enforce an SLA by configuring your API timeouts via the Tyk Dashboard or an API definition. Total flexibility and control.

Uptime tests and liveness checks

Configure API uptime tests at the gateway or in the API definition, through a config file or the Tyk Dashboard. Once configured, hook into our events system to take action and integrate with the load balancing and service discovery.

Ensure your Tyk deployment is health, with flexible and configurable Tyk liveness checks, right out of the box.

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