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The Research team at Tyk looks to the horizon, ahead of the roadmap, working on concepts which shape the future of Tyk. By keeping abreast of new technologies, challenging traditional ways of working, through deep exploration of our customer needs and experimentation.

Research helps ensure that Tyk, and by extension our customers, continue to lead the way by setting industry trends and standards in the API Management space.

Meet the team

  • Ahmet Soormally
    Head of Research


    I’ve have been working with technology since the early 2000s, and more specifically with web technologies for more than 15 years from eCommerce through to Healthcare. Before joining Tyk in 2017, I was an early adopter of Kubernetes and was actively involved with migrating workloads to the cloud. As a Consulting Engineer at Tyk, I gained deep insights into the challenges and needs of many of Tyk’s enterprise customers. My team and I work on initiatives which help Tyk remain both innovative and highly regarded as a leader in the API Management space.

    I am fascinated by APIs, with a particular interest in REST, gRPC and am taking a warming to GraphQL as I can see a lot of potential in terms of the next-level developer experience it has to offer. I am also interested in OAuth2 / OpenID Connect, as well as GitOps workflows.

  • David Garvey
    Technical Director


    I’ve been working with technology for over 20 years, with most of my experience in the area of web development. This path naturally led me to become both a creator and consumer of APIs, where I worked with them across countless projects.

    This has given me a broad understanding of APIs, from technical requirements to commercial drivers, as well as a perspective on how APIs have evolved over time.

    My interests cover a broad spectrum of the API landscape, including architecture and design, the practicalities of operating an API, and the API consumer experience. Ultimately, it’s the use of APIs to solve problems and act as a platform for innovation which I find most compelling. I enjoy digging into topics, especially if I can get hands-on and create something.

  • Justin Yates Fletcher
    Technical Research Analyst


    I’ve been working with technology for over 25 years, with varied experience in different areas from network and infrastructure administration to architecture and implementing and scaling HA B2C and B2B solutions. It is the latter of these that led me to APIs as they increasingly became a pattern for both consumer facing applications, such as single page apps, and internal and external business integrations.

    My interests are varied but generally tend towards open source and open standards. I can be a bit of a Luddite but not because I am dismissive of new technologies but I feel that one has to be careful with which new technologies are adopted. I view technology like a tool box – if you put every tool you can find in your tool box then it becomes and unmanageable mess, but also not every problem is a nail, or just needs a larger hammer. There is a balance that should be maintained and I have great interest in investigating new tools and carefully considering the balance.

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