The Tyk Side Project Fund

A micro-grant for your side project

Our funding round is now closed.

We will be opening the next funding round in 2021. Please complete the short form and we will invite you to apply when the next funding round is open.

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Everything we do at Tyk is founded on the work of passionate individuals.

We’re proud to be launching the Tyk Side Project Fund – a micro-grant programme for people who have great ideas but don’t have the resources to make them a reality.

If you’re working on something that your work won’t, or can’t, fund, but you’re passionate about, we might be able to help.

Both our international team of engineers and our amazing community of users are made up of people who love tinkering, testing and making things better.

People like us don’t just do their 9-5 and switch off their brains – our restless energy takes us into experiments and side projects, which sometimes stay personal, and almost always contribute significant positive change.

Applying for the Tyk Side Project Fund

Let us know what you’re working on and what you need help with – maybe it’s new software, website hosting, or a website itself. It could be for training or user testing costs, or an event space.

For successful applicants, we’ll be paying for products and services for side projects to a maximum grant value of £500. You might be up and running already and just have one puzzle piece missing, or you might have got stuck on your journey and need a bit of help to move forward. The aim of our micro-grant is to give you practical help, and a sprinkling of Tyk guidance, to help you back on your way towards greatness.

The Tyk Side Project Fund is open to applicants with cool ideas, some ambition and a dream to see how their side project can grow.

Excited to get your side project going? Applying is super-simple. All you have to do is answer the questions in the form below – it should take you around 10 minutes.

Got a great idea? We can’t wait to hear about it!


How will applications be assessed?

All grants will be made at Tyk’s sole discretion and based on an evaluation of how intelligent, innovative and impactful the project is, the applicant’s credibility and how far a micro-grant will make a difference.

How do I receive the funding?

We’re not giving away cash money. If you are successful, we will make a payment directly to a product or service provider that you have specified – or an alternative that we suggest – that you need for your side project to grow.

When can I expect to hear back?

We make decisions about our February – March application window at the end of April, and about our October-November window in December. Whether you are successful or unsuccessful, you will be notified either way by email. We will provide personal feedback where possible.

What kind of need will you fund?

For successful applicants, we will fund products or services that contribute to the success of a side project that you can’t fund yourself. This might be a website, hosting, software, training, or something else. We will discuss plans with the winner directly and make payment directly towards a product/service.

Who is eligible to apply for a Tyk micro-grant?

The micro-grant side project funding is open to anyone aged 18 years or over except employees of Tyk Technologies Ltd and their close relatives and anyone otherwise connected with the organisation or judging of the funding.

Will Tyk share the details of my project?

If you are awarded a micro-grant, we’ll share your project with our tech community and various tech publications and media, on our website and social channels.

How will Tyk inform successful applicants?

Each application will be assessed by a selection panel made up of Tyk’s finest. All applications are judged based on what side project shows great potential and where we can offer the best help. Applications will be filtered for legitimacy, credibility and legality before final selections are made. In any given application window, there might be no successful applicants. Tyk reserves the right to decline funding for any reason. No correspondence will be entered into.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. To be clear, we do not ask for intellectual property, equity, cash – any ‘ROI’ whatsoever. This is your side project, after all.

We would however love to share the stories of the funded projects via website, social media and press channels.

Side projects winners we have already supported

Our winners range from engineers and developers to medical students and microbiologists. We were impressed by the passion, ingenuity and thoughtfulness of each and every one of them.

Check out their success stories

GeekGirl Meetup


Since November 2019 we’ve been supporting GeekGirl with their regular meetups.

GeekGirl started in 2008 as a side project in Sweden by Heidi Harman and Andie Nordgren, who were missing female participation at tech conferences. They decided to take action and challenge the status quo to start their own tech conferences with only female speakers and so, the GeekGirl movement was born.

Fast forward to today and what started as a side project is now a global feminist network for people interested in all things tech, design and startups. Making a continued change to highlight female role models in the industry, create networks for knowledge exchange, mentoring and sharing ideas.

We wanted to support the tech community & the women who are part of it so we help GeekGirl to provide event venues and supply food and drink so they can talk data science.

Our last event with Tyk was a fantastic introduction to Python. The event sold out within a few hours with many keen members of our community eager to learn more about data science and meet the Tyk team!

 – Ania Kubow


In January 2020 we joined forces with to widen our reach to help as many side projects as possible, together. is a community for showcasing early-stage/side projects that you’re personally working on and for soliciting feedback to help kickstart side projects and ideas.

What do we have in common? Tyk and are both supporting projects, created outside the typical 9-5. We also both love to see the passion, determination, and a strong desire in all side projects to make something, well… better.

Joining forces to spread the message and invite more passion projects to apply was a no brainer. have been influential in the success of our funding so far and we can’t wait to help as many side projects as we possibly can in the future.


So what are you waiting for?

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