Tyk Technical PoC Guide

The technical PoC evaluation can be fully executed in 1-2 weeks.

You’re encouraged to reach out for a formal arrangement and dedicated engineering resources to help you evaluate the product, via the Tyk Solution Architect team.

1. Requirements

Requirements are the most important piece of the puzzle. If you don’t know exactly why you’re purchasing something, it’s hard to evaluate it.

Some common use cases:

  • Centralise your API programme
  • Enable discoverability of APIs amongst developer teams
  • Publicly expose API Products
  • Publish APIs publicly & securely for partners or vendors


Need help formulating an idea? Reach out for dedicated PoC help.

Next, let’s deploy Tyk using our preferred method.

First, choose a Deployment pattern, between Self-Managed, Tyk Cloud, and Hybrid.

Head over to Tyk Docs to install Tyk.

Here’s a brief overview of the various deployment methods, but feel free to speak to a Solutions Architect for help deciding what’s right for you.

2. Deploy Tyk

3. Evaluate Requirements

With your deployed API Management platform in hand – we can begin the process of evaluation against our business requirements.


Often, this falls in two pieces:

  1. Can the platform support our core business goals?
    This first requirement is black and white, you may finish this phase of your evaluation without much effort.
  2. How does the platform fit into our infrastructure?
    The second is a large domain and covers many different factors, as seen in the table below.
Tyk Helm Chart (Kubernetes) API Contract Testing Tyk CICD Overview Infrastructure Monitoring
Tyk Ansible Benchmarking Tyk Tyk Sync API Response Monitoring
And more Tyk Operator (Kubernetes) Alerting
Tyk REST APIs Open Tracing

Note: You don’t have to do this alone. Let us help. If you would like to request PoC assistance from our presales Solutions Architect, please contact us today.

You’ve proven your business requirements. Awesome!

Next step is to start the procurement process. For Tyk Cloud, you can self-service by entering credit card details to get started immediately.

Note – there are a few self-managed deployment options. Reach out to [email protected] if you need help evaluating.

To decide what level of support and assistance you need, read more about the packages here.

4. Procurement

5. Onboarding

Get started

Welcome to Tyk!

What next? Onboarding & Implementation.

Unlike other vendors, At Tyk, we don’t offer professional services.  That’s a transactional relationship, the kinds we like to stay away from.

Instead, we offer in-region 24/7 Support, as well as dedicated Tyk Solutions Architects. These are battle-hardened experts who understand the platform and your goals, and help you get there.

Consider Tyk’s various Customer Engineering teams as an extension of your team.

Read more Tyk’s Customer Engineering group here.