Why should I choose Tyk’s APIM platform?

APIs are everywhere, connecting various applications and systems to make our digital lives easier. But choosing the right API management (APIM) platform can be challenging, and getting it wrong can be costly. 

APIM has become a fast-growing industry precisely because APIM isn’t simple. You might have concerns about price, complexity, integration, security, or vendor lock-in – and you might have some questions for us before you decide. 

Tyk has years of experience and some of the best customer satisfaction scores in the industry. So to help you make the right assessment, we’ve listed five of the most common objections we hear when people are considering Tyk’s APIM and our response to each of them:

1. “I’m unsure if I need an API management platform like Tyk.”

Tyk says: That’s a fair concern, and we understand that not every business needs an API management platform. However, Tyk can help you save time and money by providing a centralised platform for managing your internal and external APIs. You can secure them against cyber threats and scale them to meet the demands of your customers. 

There’s more to managing APIs than simply creating, testing and deploying them. With Tyk’s API lifecycle management solution, you can manage every API lifecycle stage quickly and easily.

Check out our case study with Modulr. They incrementally built their FinTech platform, adding features and functionality as needed from the ground up. 

With Tyk, you can focus on building better APIs that improve your business operations and enhance your customer experiences. 


2. “I’m worried about the cost of implementing a new platform like Tyk’s APIM.”

Tyk says: We understand that cost is a significant factor for businesses, and we offer flexible pricing plans to fit your needs and budget. With Tyk, you can save money in the short and long run by streamlining your API management processes. Reduce the risk of cyber threats, accelerate your set-up and monitor and improve your overall business performance with our powerful platform. 

With our free trial, you can also thoroughly test our full-featured gateway and platform for a limited time. 

API management is typically a decision to make early in your growth journey or deferred at your own risk. Trying to DIY to cut corners will bite you back soon after. 

We’ve optimised our customer experiences and processes to ensure you get value from our product quickly to achieve your ROI. Our team is highly knowledgeable in API management and will be a helpful resource and an extended part of yours. They can assist you in everything Tyk related, alongside strategic support and advice.

3. “I already have an API management solution in place.”

Tyk says: We’re happy to hear that you have already taken steps to manage and accelerate the value of your APIs. However, Tyk offers unique features and benefits that can enhance your current solution. This includes an open-source codebase, a user-friendly interface, increased observability and monitoring, and support for multiple programming languages and protocols. 

We recognise that buying software is no easy feat. So we have built a team of solutions architects to help users map their business requirements into architecture and implementation plans that fit their infrastructure.

Our dedicated compliance team focuses on compliance and innovation, working towards one of our fundamental Tyk values to ‘make things better. We are proudly certified to some of the most rigorously audited and internationally recognised quality management and security management standards. 

Our dedicated pre and post-sales engineers and world-class customer onboarding team will work with you to integrate Tyk seamlessly into your current API management solution.

4. “I’m concerned about the security of my APIs with a new platform like Tyk.”

Tyk says: We understand your concern, and security is our top priority at Tyk. Our platform offers advanced security features, such as OAuth 2.0 authentication, rate limiting, and SSL/TLS encryption to protect your APIs from cyber threats. 

We also offer continuous monitoring and updates, plus we integrate seamlessly with industry-leading API security tools to further ensure protection for your API ecosystems. These integrations enable us to implement features such as API key management, and token-based authentication, guaranteeing secure access to your APIs.

There’s a reason why we are trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, including T-Mobile, RBS, GoDaddy and Bell. We’re not just innovators in tech but in security, quality and standards. We give our clients the confidence to build secure services and products.  

5. “I’m not sure if Tyk can handle the scale of my business.”

Tyk says: Tyk is designed to scale with your business, no matter how big or small. Our platform offers a range of features to help you manage, monitor, and scale your APIs to meet the demands of your customers. 

We’re trusted with mission-critical systems in highly regulated industries worldwide. Our platform can be found in every sector, at every scale, across every continent – even Antarctica!

Our team can work with you to optimise your API performance and ensure that Tyk meets the specific needs of your business.

Full API lifecycle management made easy

Whether you use Tyk or another platform depends on your organisation’s specific needs and requirements. Evaluating your options carefully is essential to find the best fit.

Tyk’s powerful and feature-rich platform benefits organisations looking to manage, secure and scale their APIs. We can help you flex, scale, and transform your business no matter how large your footprint or complex your needs may be.

The Tyk team is here to answer any of your questions! Speak to an engineer or book a demo to learn how to enable product-led strategies and deliver secure, production-ready API products and services.