Realising value at pace with Tyk

Buying enterprise software can be an incredibly arduous process. I get it; I’ve purchased enterprise software for a large corporation with eight levels of sign-off before – the pain is real. 

Once you’ve gone through the whole process of deciding on a tool, building a business case and signing on the dotted line, it’s imperative to start getting value out of the tool as quickly as possible – and prove the return on investment to your organisation. 

At Tyk, we recognise this need and have optimised our onboarding and implementation process to ensure you receive value from our platform as quickly as possible. We have a robust way of working with our customers to ensure we meet their business goals and deliver excellent outcomes with the API platform.

So how does our onboarding process work?

Handover from your pre-sales solution architect

Throughout the proof of concept and sales process, you will have a dedicated pre-sales solutions architect who works with you to understand your business and technical requirements. 

The engineer will ensure all requirements and relevant information is documented and handed over to your dedicated customer solutions architect internally, who will support you through the onboarding and implementation process. You won’t come into our post-sales process having to repeat yourself to someone who knows nothing about your requirements and goals. 

In some cases, we’ll bring the customer solutions architect into the process before finalising the sale – generally, where deployments are more complex, and a more extensive handover is needed. 

Discovery – two weeks

The first two weeks of our onboarding process revolve around discovery and planning for your implementation of the Tyk platform. 

We’ll take all the information and requirements gathered during the PoC phase to build a custom implementation process that fits your organisational goals and objectives. 

This will take the form of an architecture review, confirming requirements and technical details to ensure we deliver the best possible onboarding experience. If you’re migrating from another vendor, we’ll use this time to organise timelines and cutover dates so we’re all working towards the same goals. 

We’ll deploy a customer portal that holds your technical information, critical information about your SLA and packages, and your customised implementation plan. We also provide you with personalised self-service and training tools so your team has all the resources they need to become familiar with the Tyk product, meet your goals and achieve your return on investment.  

Finally, we’ll use our customer portal to share goals, relevant tasks, updates, and resources so we can remain accountable for your deliverables.  

Implementation (four-eight weeks)

After discovery, we’ll move into an implementation process where you’ll deploy, configure and start to realise value from the Tyk product. We estimate a four-week process to get you fully onboarded with Tyk Cloud, two weeks for Hybrid Cloud, and four weeks for Self Managed deployments.  

This can happen much quicker if your organisation has tighter deadlines and enough resources to complete the implementation work guided by your solutions architect. We’ll work with you to make sure we’re meeting your deadlines, whatever they are. 

Throughout the implementation process, we’ll help you deploy Tyk and get relevant features set up and configured. Our customer solutions architect will guide your team through onboarding and appropriate training and support you in onboarding your APIs to the platform.

For self-managed deployments, we’ll guide you on sizing, benchmarking and tuning your installation to be as performant as possible. 

Finally, we’ll go through a production-ready checklist – ensuring you have everything set up to make your launch of the Tyk platform successful & agree on a date with you to go live with Tyk!


Once we’ve got your deployment setup and your APIs configured and ready to be consumed, we’ll arrange a date with you for go-live. 

We’ll be on standby to support your team with anything that comes up as you move Tyk into production, with your dedicated Solutions Architect available for anything you might need – you’ll have a robust safety net to ensure you launch without a hitch. 

Once you’ve pushed the button, we’ll advise you on monitoring the health of your deployment so we can ensure your success in the long term with the Tyk platform. 

Ensuring your long-term success

So we’ve got you launched and in production with the Tyk platform; what next?

Our solutions architecture team will work with you to understand our future roadmap and additional features and value you could be getting out of the product. We’ll also support you in planning for relevant upgrades, maintenance and migrations. 

We can deliver on-site training and white-boarding sessions to help you progress towards your business objectives and give you insight into enhancing your API strategy. 

And, of course, our dedicated, highly technical support team is on standby to support you with any debugging and troubleshooting of issues that come up. 

Realise your value with Tyk

We’ve optimised our customer experiences and internal processes to ensure that you get value out of our product quickly and achieve your return on investment. Our team is highly knowledgeable in API management; they will be a helpful resource and extended part of yours – assisting you in everything Tyk related, alongside strategic support and advice. Get in touch with us to find out more.