Why boring is best for your API Strategy

Why boring is best for your API Strategy

OK, OK – I know what you’re thinking. I like shiny things too, really. But during my recent talk at Nordic APIs 2018 Platform Summit, I gave a bit of a manifesto for the mundane when it comes to API Management.  

I’m not advocating that *everything* in life should be so dull – though God knows that PowerPoint can drain even the brightest ideas of colour 😉 But when it comes to API Management, sometimes it’s best to see the beauty in the ‘blah’. 

If you’re willing to hear me out, here’s a link to my 15-minute talk: ‘Your API Strategy: Why Boring is Best’. I hope I packed it with enough memes, rhymes, Roman history and stage-pacing to keep the ‘boring’ aspect strictly confined to the proposed approach.

Once you’ve watched, please feel free to drop me an email back or tweet me your thoughts. You can probably tell from the rant (I mean, talk) that I love a good debate!

And – if you haven’t had chance to check out Tyk’s full capabilities yet, my colleague Ahmet Soormally also gave a fantastic 10 minute overview demo. If you have any questions on it, shoot us an email – we’d love to hear from you.

Finally, thanks to everyone who stopped by our sponsor stand to say ‘hej’ at the conference. It was great to meet you all.