Video tutorial: Securing APIs with authentication and authorisation using Tyk & Okta

From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to the recent SingHealth cyber attack, data security continues to be a hot topic around the world.

APIs are in no way immune to these concerns – if anything, an understanding of the importance of API authentication and authorisation is critical to ensuring your API and API users are safe and secure.

For the latest API Craft Singapore meet-up, David Garvey, APAC Technical Director at Tyk, explained why API management and identity management are ideal partners as part of a robust API programme.

And, for those who missed out, were on hand to film it for us! Access the full presentation and demonstrations via their YouTube Channel.

After giving a brief overview of authentication approaches for different use-cases, Dave took members on a a deep-dive walkthrough of how Tyk’s API Gateway, Management Platform, and Dev Portal work with Okta Identity Provider.

Head over to YouTube to watch the full presentation. Demonstrations can be found at the following points:

  • Using OAuth with Github to generate an API Token (31:05)
  • Secure a Tyk Dashboard Admin User Login with Open ID Connect & Okta (38:49)
  • Secure a Tyk Portal Developer Login with Open ID Connect & Okta (46:27)

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