Video tutorial: Securing APIs with authentication and authorisation using Tyk & Okta

From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to the recent SingHealth cyber attack, data security continues to be a hot topic around the world.

APIs are in no way immune to these concerns – if anything, an understanding of the importance of API authentication and authorisation is critical to ensuring your API and API users are safe and secure.

For the latest API Craft Singapore meet-up, David Garvey, APAC Technical Director at Tyk, explained why API management and identity management are ideal partners as part of a robust API programme.

And, for those who missed out, were on hand to film it for us!

After giving a brief overview of authentication approaches for different use-cases, Dave took members on a a deep-dive walkthrough of how Tyk’s API Gateway, Management Platform, and Dev Portal work with Okta Identity Provider.

Watch the full presentation above. Demonstrations can be found at the following points:

  • Using OAuth with Github to generate an API Token (31:05)
  • Secure a Tyk Dashboard Admin User Login with Open ID Connect & Okta (38:49)
  • Secure a Tyk Portal Developer Login with Open ID Connect & Okta (46:27)

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