Tyk at DeveloperWeek Europe 2023 & free conference pass giveaway

We’re thrilled to announce that Ahmet, Budha, and I will speak at DeveloperWeek Europe 2023, 26th-27th April, Europe’s largest developer and engineering conference. This virtual event is the perfect opportunity for software developers to connect with like-minded professionals and learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

In the schedule

As an API development enthusiast, I’m particularly excited about some of the talks in the schedule for the event. “How to Release an API with Developers in Mind” by Anna Tsolakou and Gael Imperial will be an insightful discussion. The duo will be sharing their latest project and the valuable lessons they’ve learned. 

Frank Kilcommins will discuss the challenges of avoiding breaking changes in his talk “Let’s Make a Pact – Don’t Break my API!” and provide insights into bi-directional contract testing with Pact – a tool that empowers teams to scale with confidence. 

Luc Momal will share his experience using GraphQL to pay down technical debt in “How We Have Paid Our Technical Debt with GraphQL“, providing valuable lessons for anyone looking to transform a monolithic architecture into a well-decoupled microservices architecture.

We’re also thrilled to be presenting our talk, “What Could Go Wrong with a GraphQL Query and Can OpenTelemetry Help?“. Our session will focus on the state of OpenTelemetry instrumentation for GraphQL, how to leverage OpenTelemetry distributed tracing in production for monitoring GraphQL services, and what the community needs to improve. Whether you’re a seasoned GraphQL developer or just starting, we’re confident that you’ll find our talk both informative and inspiring.

Free DeveloperWeek 2023 passes

As a special treat, we’re giving free passes to the conference. If you’re interested in attending DeveloperWeek Europe 2023, please email Budha at [email protected] to register for a free, open pass to an abundance of cutting-edge developer learning from industry leaders! 

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect with your peers, learn from industry experts, and expand your knowledge of software development. We hope to see you at DeveloperWeek Europe 2023!