Remote Working and Flexibility

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Remote working and flexibility are not just terms we use to entice people to join Tyk. They’re not false promises or empty words. Our Tyklings epitomise these benefits by living and breathing them every day.Remote working Tyk mascot illustration

“With great power comes great responsibility.” There are many misconceptions around workplace productivity and remote working. By trusting our people to work where they want and when they want – by giving them radical responsibility – we know our talented Tyklings will create their best work!

That’s why you’ll find our Tyklings working from a café overlooking the beach, perhaps poolside or even travelling around the world. Or maybe they’re at home but taking long lunch breaks to spend time with their children, or logging on in the evenings to pursue the hobby they enjoy during daylight hours. Don’t believe me? Let our Tyklings tell you in their own words… 


James – Co-Founder and COO

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We founded Tyk with the intent to deliver autonomy and ownership to our team. To be an organisation that supports and nurtures life outside of work. As a remote first business, we prioritise flexibility, giving everyone total control over when and where they work, backed by unlimited paid leave. 

When we launched Tyk I had two young children; our third arrived a few years later. I’ve attended every school performance, sports day and parents evening offered. I’m usually home to cook supper and read stories before bed and to walk the kids to school. We’ve seen tiger cubs at London Zoo on a quiet Wednesday morning and we’ve explored the Kent countryside for a few days with my eldest’s entire class.


Carlos – Partner Support Manager

Remote working and flexibility dad with kid in nature

The flexibility offered by Tyk allows me to set my own schedule and working location. Flexible scheduling allows me to work when I am most productive and maximise my family time and my work time. Seeing my daughter while on break, or even working in my room when she is around, is the best thing ever. 

During the summer we set up a homebase in the mountains of Madrid for at least four months. My family and I are now able to enjoy walks and have fun together. 


Aga – UX Designer

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I started working at Tyk in December 2021 and almost immediately, in January, I left Poland for three months to spend winter in Spain. The flexibility that Tyk offers allowed me to enjoy the sun in the middle of the short winter days. Walks on the beach with my dog, discovering Spanish towns or lunch in a seaside restaurant – that was my everyday life! After returning to Poland, I continue to use this flexibility as much as I can. I don’t lose good weather during the day, sitting at my desk and looking sadly at the window anymore.


Jess – General Counsel

Remote working and flexibility dog by the beach

What does remote/flexible working mean to me? It means being able to work from Athens (Greece) and a long summer of Greek island hopping. It means having a morning swim in the sea and a sunset sandy walk with my mini daschund, Dobbie. It also means freedom to enjoy a work life balance that truly works for me – and being able to say “yes” to all those important occasions. 

I have been working remotely and flexibly for two and a half years now – and work life has never felt so great!


Chris – VP of Customer Operations

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I’ve been working at Tyk for three years and I’ve very much optimised my whole work around the life I want to be living. During the pandemic I was a home bird, which was great – I could schedule my work around my most productive hours and do some work on the new house. 

Since restrictions have been lifted in most places, I’ve now worked remotely from Los Angeles, Ontario, Montreal, Berlin, Prague and London, with trips booked to Dubai, Jordan, Egypt and more! I’m seeing the world and doing my best work with the best team in the business.


Emma – VP Global Marketing

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I joined Tyk in 2017, working in our Singapore office. After my first 18 months at the company, I worked ‘on the move’ with Tyk from Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico and Spain. I even did the odd conference call from the beach!

Living in Spain had always been a dream of mine and, after spending some time there working remotely, I decided to move there. Tyk was wholly supportive and, given my global remit, it has ended up being much better for my team and my own work-life balance.

For me, the flexibility Tyk offers is unparalleled. This approach allows me to take time as needed to tick off my life goals as well as work ones.


Rachna – Head of Operations

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I have been at Tyk for more than five years and they have been my best working years. The flexibility at Tyk has given me control over my schedule, which is invaluable when life comes up. Whether that’s dropping my daughter off at school, hitting the gym or simply taking a break, my personal life is easier to manage with this flexibility.

I was based in London, but last year we got an opportunity to move to Hong Kong. The first question I was asked by friends and family was “So, will you have to find another job?” No, I didn’t have to! In fact, Tyk supported me in every possible way with the move.



Pranshu – QA Engineer

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What I like best about Tyk is you are not made to feel guilty for taking those extra holidays for your recreations, or enjoying quality time with your loved ones while simultaneously managing your work at your own comfort. If I want to, I can attend an important life event for a few hours and be right back to my laptop when it suits me. The flexibility it provides is something a lot of organisations lack. It has only been two months since I joined Tyk, but I can positively say that my stay is going to be longer here than anyone can imagine!


Katrien – Lead Visual Designer

Remote working and flexibility mom with a kid by the sea

I started at Tyk when I was still living in London, just after becoming a mom. Neither my partner nor I are from London. Our family and friends live spread across the world. We’ve used the flexibility I get at Tyk to travel and spend extended time with loved ones.

If I ever want to move countries again (which I did about a year ago), I know I will not need to change jobs. The feeling of freedom Tyk provides is just so incredibly liberating.


Gregor – Head of Customer Success and Professional Services

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I never thought I’d be doing the digital nomad thing at my age and with my family, but here we are, in Dubai, doing the thing.

I’m spending summer in Italy with my family, then I’ll be visiting my teams around the globe and then back to Dubai to tie up with my family again. Who knows where I’ll go next? Catch up with my team around Europe? Work with the team in the new London, Ontario office? Back to Singapore for an extended stay? The problem now isn’t ‘How will this work?’ it’s ‘Where will I go?’


Craig – Customer Education Lead

Remote working and flexibility family

Soon after joining Tyk, I dared to ask the question “would it be possible to relocate closer to family”? Instead of the expected grumbles of “that’s too far from the office” or “how much time is that going to take?”, their response was simply: “Exciting! Where are you going and how can we help?”

Our international family are now over in Spain, enjoying the sunshine while our kids enjoy being spoiled rotten by their grandparents.



Budha – Product Evangelist

Remote working and flexibility man with sea in the background

Being a digital nomad since 2017, I’ve worked out of 45 cities all over the world, and I can say that Tyk, without a doubt, is one of the best places to work!

I joined Tyk a little over two years ago, right at the beginning of the pandemic. It wasn’t the easiest of times – mental wellbeing, physical health and focusing on work was difficult. But the flexible hours meant that when I found the space to focus on work – something I truly enjoy – I could do so without worrying about clocking in or clocking out, while still taking care of my own wellbeing.

People talk about work-life balance. Here at Tyk, we experience it every day!


Sandra – Senior UX Designer

Remote working and flexibility

If you asked me five years ago, this is exactly the sort of work situation I dreamed of having back then. I joined Tyk just after my maternity leave and I was nervous about going back to work, not getting to spend time with my son. But with the flexibility Tyk offers, and the fact I never needed to spend two hours a day commuting, means I get so much more out of my day.

Right now, we are spending the summer in Sitges, Spain, and we are looking into the possibility of moving here in the autumn. So there are very exciting times ahead for me and my family and the best part is that I can stay within the same job and company!


Martin – CEO

Remote working and flexibility kids playing

Working remotely has always been important to me. Working remotely – and more importantly, working flexibly – means I can be most productive when I feel productive.

It’s a bit of an extreme for me, as I live in New Zealand. I think I’m probably the most remote of the remote folks at Tyk!

Our flexible culture means I get to be there for my family for the moments that really matter. I have two young kids, and they have so many milestones that I get to be a part of and really be there for them. I wouldn’t be able to be there for half of those moments if I had to work in an office in a regular 9-5 job.