Net promoter score at Tyk

I’m delighted and proud to say that after a couple of busy years building and growing our amazing Customer Operations team we’ve recently achieved an NPS score of 54!

What is net promoter score?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely used measure of customer satisfaction and experience when interacting with a company’s product or service. We ask the question:

‘On a scale from 1-10 how likely are you to recommend our product or service to a colleague?’

Anyone scoring 9 or 10 is a promoter, anyone 6 or below is a detractor. You take the total % of promoters and minus the total % of detractors to get a score between -100/+100.

NPS at Tyk

We started tracking NPS at Tyk in March of 2020, when we got an initial score of 26 points. This is pretty good, considering it was our first ever survey of this nature – and we had a really good response rate from our clients. Any NPS score over 0 is good, real excellence starts at the 40/50 mark. 

In March 2020, we were still a pretty new team and there were only four of us in Customer Support – managing the service demand of over 200 clients across our SaaS and Enterprise offerings. 

Over the last two years, we’ve grown the team massively – introducing Customer Success and Education teams into the business and now we have over 20 staff in our Customer Operations organisation. 

We’re experiencing very rapid growth, which can cause operational and quality issues, but our teams have been pushing towards the same goals with a single mind. That is, to become partners to our clients, and an extended part of their team. 

We have a vision of customer experience that we are delivering across the organisation, moving us from being reactive to proactive and delivering developer-driven experiences to our users. 

Our teams are made up of engineers, we don’t hire customer support agents or call centre folks to handle queries about our product – which means our customers always get to speak to someone who knows their stuff. 

The folks we’ve hired across support, success and education are all extremely talented and are able to communicate and work with our clients at their level. We try to make ourselves indispensable and become a useful resource for our clients to draw from. 

I’m delighted to say that after a couple of busy years building and growing our amazing Customer Operations team we’ve recently achieved an NPS score of 54!

This firmly puts Tyk at the high end of NPS in our industry based on various data sets we’ve managed to review:

But what does this mean in practice?

It means that the vast majority of our clients have given us a score of 9 or 10 for product and service quality. Our clients recognise the efforts we’ve put in and the teams we’ve built, processes we’ve implemented over the last couple of years – and it’s starting to pay off in our results.

If you become a client at Tyk, you’ll be supported by a team of highly adept technical folks – who understand your business, use case and opportunity. We’re obsessed with your success, and we’ll work with you to make sure you are getting the most out of our solution.

Kudos to the team for these results, but we’re not perfect so we’ll continue on with our customer experience initiatives and plans – to improve on this score even further.