The Tyk Way

It’s simple. We just give a damn – about our team, our community, and our product.

If you’re looking for some genius TED talk to explain our revolutionary concept – sorry. We hate to break it to you, but it’s just not that complex.

We just give a damn – about our team, our community, and our product. And we’re always improving, adapting, and building more into Tyk to help you make wonderful things.

We empower engineers to make things, better

Tyk was created by engineers, hackers, and dreamers trying to change the world, not guys in suits trying to make a quick buck, or tech-bros chasing their Series C and a profile in Forbes.

  • We think open source is the future and want developers to have the toolkit to experiment, test and design great things
  • When you build things with Tyk, you’ll be working with people who understand your mindset and your needs
  • We want you to play with Tyk, tinker with it and push it to its limits
  • And, when you need us, we’ll be on hand to help

Support like we mean it

We’re engineers too, so we treat you how we’d want to be treated.

  • When you come to us with a query, we’re always thinking about the bigger picture , rather than just crossing a ticket off the list
  • We’re there for you no matter what scale you’re at, with support options no matter the version of Tyk you’re running
  • We’re here to help with everything, from the meatiest problems right down to the most granular ‘how-to’s’
  • We get the job done quickly so that you can get back to building cool stuff. Our service has even been called “too fast”

A better way of doing business

From the first call, where we can involve an engineer, to ongoing quarterly check-ins, we want to show our commitment to your business.

  • We’re famous for being as responsive as we can be to inquiries and support requests – quick to reply and happy to talk to companies at any scale, from SMEs to the world’s biggest Enterprises.
  • Our clean and transparent commercials mean that you know where you stand with us, and we don’t have battle-hardened salesmen to wear you down.
  • And when it comes to supporting you into the future, we have a pioneering attitude towards both product development and customer service.

Always evolving

If you really care, you need to listen, adapt, challenge yourself and keep building. We want to create the next level of service and API management.

At Tyk we encourage a creative, open and curious mentality. We don’t just solve problems, we seek them – tinkering, tweaking and hacking are in our DNA. That means we develop new features and ideas that others copy.

Between our team’s energy, our active community, and our clients’ feedback, we build out a roadmap of features and improvements.  We don’t exist just to sell you a cookie-cutter product – we want to give you the choice to get where you want to go on your terms, and that means continuing to evolve as our clients’ needs do.

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