Discover the power of Tyk API Management

The Tyk API gateway and API management platform is available in three editions, with simple and scaleable pricing that starts at FREE!

Community Edition

The Open Source API gateway, supported by a vibrant community, Tyk nodes power startups and large scale enterprise alike.




  • Open Source
  • Full-featured API Gateway
  • Self-hosted
  • Community support

Professional Edition

An easy to use Dashboard and portal, making management of the open source gateway simple and efficient. Backed by a fanatical support team and enterprise level SLAs


Starting from FREE


  • FREE to manage a single node
  • Full-featured API Gateway
  • API management dashboard
  • Unlimited API analytics
  • Fully customisable developer portal
  • Social and LDAP integration
  • On-premises deployment for Docker, RHEL and Debian
  • Multi-node licenses include premium support – worth £99 p/m

Cloud Edition

All the power of Tyk professional edition, but with an infrastructure managed by the Tyk Technologies team.


Starting from FREE!


  • Full-featured API Gateway
  • API Management dashboard
  • API Analytics
  • Dedicated developer portal
  • Custom domain
  • Hardened cloud infrastructure
  • Hybrid on-premises deployment
  • Fanatical support

Simple, flexible licensing options

Tyk Professional Edition licenses are for a fixed period of time, for a fixed number of nodes
The bigger your install and the longer the license period, the lower the "cost per node"
Licenses can be added to any running Tyk Dashboard installation

Tyk Professional Edition : Startup License

Use Professional Edition for FREE!

Get a fully functioning Tyk stack:

  • Tyk API Management Dashboard & Analytics
  • Manage a single Tyk API Gateway node
  • Full featured software, our system does not call home

The Free license is valid for managing 1 Tyk node. And you can renew the license as many times as you want, its always free to manage a single node.

Tyk Professional Edition : Licenses

License your Tyk Professional Installation

  • Only pay for the API Gateway nodes you use
  • Choose a short term license for convenience, or buy an annual license to reduce costs
  • All licenses come bundled with our premium support, so we’re with you every step of the way
  • Tyk never phones home, so your systems will stay up no matter how ours are doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "per node" mean?

Tyk Professional Edition Licenses are priced per managed gateway node. So if you have a load-balanced dashboard installation, and an auto-scaling group of Tyk API Gateways that goes from 1 to 5 instances, then you would require a 5-node license.

So the more complex your installation, the more licensed nodes you will require.

Is the Professional Edition API gateway different from Community Edition?

No, the same technology powers both community and pro editions on the business-end – i.e. the API Gateway and proxy. With pro users getting the added benefit of an amazing Graphic user interface, developer portal and analytics system, all backed by fanatical support.

Are older versions still available?

Yes they are, version 1.9.x of the Tyk Gateway and 0.9.x of the dashboard are still available for download from our Github Repository and installation via APT and YUM. Though they will not be patched or supported going forward.

Is the community edition "crippled"?

Most certainly not, the community edition has *all* of the API Gateway and API management features that Pro has, you can even use Tyk Pump, our data-sink module, to move analytics data gathered by CE Edition Tyk Gateways into your own database so you are not reliant on our dashboard.

However, the CE edition does not come with the management dashboard, database-backed configuration, analytics dashboard or developer portal, all of those features sit firmly with our Pro edition dashboard.

Does the Professional Edition "phone home"?

No, we specifically designed our license so that users can be sure that their installations are completely isolated from our infrastructure and that there are no dependencies on our servers being “up”. The professional Edition License grants access without any call home, which is why it needs to be purchased in time-batches like 3, 6 or 12 months.

Is the starter license really Free?

Absolutely. Completely Free. And its a full Tyk Professional license – the only restriction is that you can only manage a single node.

The license lasts for 12 months, but can be renewed whenever you want, as often as you want. Its always free to manage a single node with Tyk.

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