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Our company is modelled after our mascot: Tyk. Like her, our team are tenacious, work smart, and deliver amazing results through collaboration with peers. If you’re considering a role with Tyk, or working with us as a client, here’s what you need to know.

No tech bros here, just grown ups

We’re a community of engineers and experts who have effective relationships with each other, and our many satisfied clients.

We foster that through trust with a focus on communication over management or process. We treat each other like the grown-ups we (usually) are.


Engineering creativity

We believe quality engineering changes the world for the better – it’s one of the reasons why a bunch of dreamers created Tyk.

We’re committed to supporting the creation of fantastic Tyk products and services. To do this, we leave bureaucracy at the door, and help our users get on with the business of building finely-tooled engineering.

This goes for our team as well. Our way of working is set up to support your own crazy dreams: all of the Tyk team are encouraged to spend time on side projects or hobbies that mean something to you. And whether you’re an engineer or not, all team members are given the best kit to get the job done.

Work and life

Flexible hours, unlimited paid leave

We may be a rapidly growing tech company, but in our books that doesn’t mean working 12-hour days and living off Ramen and energy drinks. Tyk’s made up of a diverse bunch, with real lives and commitments outside of the office, so we’re building a culture that honours that.

We commit to an unlimited holiday policy, flexible hours and remote working by default. Take some time to recharge, collect the kids from school each day, or work on that side project you’ve been meaning to tackle. It’s a ‘work-life’ that supports your ‘life-life’.

That’s Tyk

Giving a damn, where it matters

We’re proud to be creating a culture that embraces difference and encourages honesty, flexibility, and radical responsibility.

We’re dreamers, but with a dose of cynicism. We take good engineering seriously, but not ourselves (after all, we have a funny name that no-one can pronounce, and a little green blob as a mascot). We hire good people who care about what we’re doing, care about our users (whether they pay us or not), and care about each other.

In a sea of beige, boring behemouths, we’re proud to stand out – by being curious, helpful, and kind. And sometimes even funny. After all, we know something can look weird and yet be fricking awesome. That’s Tyk.

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