Replace your old API platform

Slick, strategic and supportive API migration

Replace your old API platform the right way

With our cloud native, open source stack, you can start to migrate today.


No big-bang programme required – deploy quickly and easily, connect services and test, roll-out over time and seamlessly.

Zero down-time for users and zero “change programmes” or consultants in suits required. Just a strategically sound, smooth migration.

Our multi-cloud, multi-team solution can be deployed tactically, with services migrated across at your leisure. Achieve your goals, your way, in your time.

You guys have the best support I have ever seen. Not just in the industry, but just anywhere. Best support I’ve experienced.

Tyk user, 2019

How can Tyk help you to replace or migrate your API platform?

Legacy. Dependencies. People. Concept.
Tyk’s got you covered.

Firstly, we support a holistic approach to your migration. We don’t just provide a first-class, open source, full lifecycle API management solution, we work with you to ensure that everyone and everything is in alignment.

Secondly, we dive deep into your existing solution, in order to understand the dependencies and the building blocks that you have in place.

Next, our focus is on all those who have a stake in the migration: operation teams, solution architects, product owners, developers and more.

We also look at the fundamentals of what you need to achieve. You need to know that all the traffic you’re currently processing will continue to be processed as part of your Tyk solution.

Minimal effort, minimal cost

Fully open source and with everything you need (we don’t believe in hiding features behind paywalls), Tyk enables you to manage multi-team and multi-data centre environments, scale up, down and sideways, deploy APIs easily and swiftly and analyse everything closely to enhance API performance.

Fully extensible and customisable

We deliver the features you need, right out of the box. And if you don’t find a feature you want, it’s easy to add it. It’s one of the advantages of being part of such a huge open source community.

Adding value at every stage

We work closely with you from initial strategy and concept discussions, through implementation, testing and validation, to go live and beyond. We focus on your specific needs and try to add value at every point in your journey.

Technical API migration strategy

Tyk enables you to achieve what you need to, with minimal effort and minimal cost. How? Through our ultra-performant, lightweight API management solution.

We offer full support to migrate from Mashery, Apigee, WSO2, 3Scale and other providers, with ready-made migration paths and plugins to simplify the transition. Those include plugins for body transformation and authentication, to help tailor the integration of Tyk to your custom requirements. With customer middlewares available to adapt to every use case, replacing an old API platform with Tyk couldn’t be easier.

As the Tyk solution is fully integrated into our systems, we now have absolute stability and no more management headaches. It is also easy for us to introduce features within the traffic, meaning the system is scalable and capable of working across the multiple different regions we operate in.

Carlos Bautista San Miguel, Head of Product Management, HotelBeds

The Tyk solution provided significant cost savings for Hotelbeds for the first year into production, while delivering a superior service, with quicker time to go live for new APIs and the ability to migrate any kind of traffic.

Carlos Bautista San Miguel, Head of Product Management, HotelBeds

Strength in numbers

Every company promises excellent support. Tyk delivers it. Professional, focused support backed up by comprehensive analytics puts you in a powerful position to achieve your migration and ongoing API management goals.

Authentication out of the box

Tyk provides the authentication and authorisation solutions you need. We provide multiple security options to lock-down your APIs straight out of the box, all designed to work beautifully with open standards.

Transform your traffic

Whatever your current architecture looks like, Tyk can migrate your traffic and transform it to arrive at the new solution you need. We have different mechanisms to migrate your traffic, with flexibility built in around DNS and around implementing specific logic to transform or proxy  traffic. We combine the right tools with the right approach.

Scale without the price tag

We don’t believe in punishing you financially when your business grows. Tyk enables you to scale up without a price tag attached to your traffic.

Flexible solutions

Businesses don’t stand still. They grow and change constantly. That’s why we don’t just focus on your current needs but provide scalability and flexibility to meet your future ones too, whatever they may be.

Complete customisation

We don’t have a fixed way of working that you need to fit into or that requires a massive staff training programme. Tyk fits around your specific needs, from connecting disparate data sources to developing customer plugins.

Real-time analytics

With real-time analytics available through the Tyk Dashboard, you can see instantly the impact of changes made during the migration process – and after it.