Inclusion commitment

Real humans, with real lives, doing real work

We want everyone at Tyk to feel a sense of connection and belonging, wherever they are in the world. That’s really important.

We want to provide an inclusive working environment where everyone can thrive. Yes, doing so delivers a whole range of business benefits, but our ultimate goal is to celebrate individuality and talent as part of our diverse, global workforce. And if that happens to make us amazingly productive and efficient, then we’ll happily celebrate that too.

Tyk is a diverse bunch of individuals from around the globe.

Our team includes over 30 different nationalities, residing in over 27 countries. Being fully remote, our people work from their hometowns, work from beaches or cafes or are using this opportunity to explore the world at their own pace. We also have some clustering around our offices in London, Atlanta and Singapore.

To the point

What are we doing to drive mindful decisions and create positive impact and change?

Firstly, a lot of thinking.

Our founders focus on our culture to the point of obsession. Seriously – they lay awake at night pondering what more they can do to make each and every Tykling feel valued and happy.


Secondly, we involve the whole company.

Culture is everyone’s work and each and every Tykling has a role to play in it. A diverse and inclusive organisation is something we’re achieving together, with a dedicated people team to help turn our thoughts into impactful strategies, practical initiatives and insightful measurements. Things like:

  • Employee and manager Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) training.
  • Board reviews of diversity data from internal teams and external applications, including initiative and activity updates.
  • Global cafe conversations which discuss data and create actions from our people to help us drive initiatives.
  • Ongoing leadership training programmes for current and aspiring managers, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to develop.
  • Mentoring and coaching programmes to support everyone in the organisation.

“One thing that is incredibly rare and which you can definitely see at Tyk is the freedom to be an agent of change.”

Viola Marku, Strategic Account Manager

Enough talk – let’s look at some numbers

We consult with our Tyklings in various ways, from surveys to in-depth interviews – the latter are what have generated the quotes on this page.

In our December 2020 survey, we asked our Tyklings about how inclusive the organisation is and over 90% responded. We discovered that:


of Tyklings think Tyk builds diverse teams


of our people are proud to work at Tyk

We come from different countries, have different life experiences, different beliefs, different goals and different ideals. But we’re all human. We’re all capable of being kind, empathic, curious, collaborative and respectful. And so we are.