Leverage all the benefits and power of GraphQL, with none of the drawbacks  

All the power of API Management, for GraphQL

Develop and nurture your Universal Data Graph without code. Use our GUI (Graphical User Interface) or schema editor in the Tyk Dashboard to design the graph and let the open source Tyk API Gateway stitch together your services seamlessly.

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Implement authentication and authorisation for GraphQL using the powerful open source gateway from Tyk. Protect your data graph and provide granular access rights for all of your data sources.

The GraphQL denial of service protection feature ensures that your data graph can elegantly handle a DOS attack, through granular query depth control.

Secure your existing GraphQL API easily

Use our simple UI to secure your GraphQL API with a few clicks. No surprises when using the secured GraphQL API – your GraphQL schema will be completely reused.

GraphQL-specific security options for your API

Fine-grained control over what consumers can access in the GraphQL API.

Universal Data Graph

Combine different REST & GraphQL  APIs into a single GraphQL API

Things you love from Tyk

Keys & Policies still work for GraphQL APIs

  1. Field-based permission

    Allow or disallow exactly what your consumers can do with your GraphQL API. You can restrict fields or even entire types.

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  2. Playground

    We provide you with a playground so that you can test your GraphQL API within the dashboard. You can even publish a playground to make your API more explorable for your consumers.

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