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The State of GraphQL 2022 | GraphQL Hangout #50

Duration 60min

Since being originally created at Facebook in September 2015, many developers and organisations have embraced GraphQL as a new and promising way to build modern API products. Yet 7 years later, a lot of questions still remain: Do you really need GraphQL? Is it truly beneficial for your business to invest in GraphQL? Why not just use REST?

In this 50th edition of the GraphQL hangout, Budha, Product Evangelist, Zaid, Solutions Architect, Agata Witkowska, Senior Product Manager (GraphQL and APIs as Integration) and Richard Johnson, Senior UX Researcher at Tyk take a look at the past, present and future of the GraphQL ecosystem!

What we’ll cover:
• The benefits and challenges of adopting GraphQL
• When not to use GraphQL
• A closer look at the growing tooling ecosystem and what’s missing
• What’s next for GraphQL at scale

GraphQL Hangout is a community event where you can hear from industry experts, practitioners and technologists about how developers and organisations can practically reduce complexity and capitalise on opportunities using GraphQL.

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