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Roundtable: Solving fintech issues one API at a time

Duration 1h

Fintech organisations need to move fast and their APIs need to move even faster. Join our 45-minute roundtable discussion to understand the key tech issues fintechs are facing and how a scalable and secure API management platform can solve them.

Our expert panel will discuss how and why leading fintechs around the world are choosing API management to expedite API development, security, and support to disrupt the financial industry.

Key takeaways
1. Better understanding of the key tech issues that fintechs are facing
2. Understand why an APIM platform is critical to solving these issues
3. Learn why an enterprise-grade platform is a better choice than a home-built solution
4. See how APIM platforms solve these issues
5. Know the benefits and the costs of this approach
6. Understand what actions to take now and in the future