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Programme module #2: Jobs to be done for Platform teams and how to achieve them

Duration 1h 30min

About the API platform engineering programme:

This is 2nd module of the API platform engineering fundamentals programme.

Fill in the form to join the 6-module programme on the processes, people and API platforms that make platform teams successful!

Dive into a series of online sessions led by programme lead Budha Bhattacharya and seasoned API platform engineering experts. These sessions will run for approximately 60-90 minutes each and promise engaging discussions, and the opportunity to earn your own certificate in API platform engineering fundamentals upon completion.

What we will cover in module #2:

Module Jobs to be done for Platform teams and how to achieve them will be all about

  1. Applying design thinking principles to identify pain points
  2. A workshop in creating JTBD for platform teams based on roles
  3. Discussion about how to address the JTBD for tech and non-tech personas

This module features guest speaker:

Who is this for?

Whether you are a platform engineer, Staff engineer, DevOp, SREs, IT application engineer, API platform manager, or any role in a platform team, this session is for you.


  1. Basic understanding of APIs
  2. Enthusiasm for learning about platform engineering concepts

Check out the full details of the API platform engineering certification programme, FAQs and ways of getting in contact here.