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Measuring Impact: API Analytics for Product Managers

Duration 60min

In this webinar, Deepa Goyal, Product Strategy lead at Postman and author of API Analytics for Product Managers, Richard Johnston, Lead UX researcher at Tyk, and Budha Bhattacharya, Product Evangelist at Tyk discuss how to measure the effectiveness of APIs and API-first products by identifying the right KPIs and building a robust product strategy.

  • Here’s what we discussed:
  • Introduction
  • Agenda – Five key questions we’ll answer
  • What does API-as-a-product mean?
  • Challenges of moving from internal to public-facing APIs
  • API design and customer-first thinking
  • Examples of API-first product businesses (Stripe, Okta, OpenAI, Google Maps)
  • Audience question – Involvement of engineers and PMs in the API design process?
  • Metrics that matter – how do you measure the impact of APIs?
  • Reporting metrics and sharing insights with different audiences
  • Using KPIs to build a robust API product strategy
  • Examples of KPIs to track
  • Audience question – Leveling up as an API product manager
  • Key takeaways – Top 3 best practices

If you are an API product manager, this will be an excellent opportunity to learn how to unlock the full potential of APIs and to tell us about your own journey – challenges faced, lessons learned, and successes achieved.