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Integrating and load testing your API Gateway

Duration 1h

You’ve been tasked with creating a new system or migrating and validating your existing system – now how do you set up a framework to support this initiative and troubleshoot components when things break due to load increases?

In this 60 minute session, Tyk solution architect, Sedky Abou-Shamalah, and Matt Tanner, product evangelist, will demonstrate how to integrate load testing into your API architecture.

What we’ll cover

  • A basic Tyk setup in AWS
  • Creating and executing a load testing infrastructure
  • Reviewing common breakages and troubleshooting load testing scenarios

If you are interested in what performance you can expect while running Tyk on AWS, but don’t have time to watch the webinar, our blog post reviews performance testing and includes benchmark summary results to compare. If you want to dive deeper into the topic, you can follow along with our Manual for Simple Performance Testing with Tyk on AWS.

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