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Building GraphQL APIs the easy way with Apollo and Tyk | GraphQL Hangout #51

Duration 2h

The debates rage on about the pros and cons of building, securing and managing GraphQL APIs, but in order to truly understand how GraphQL works, you need to try it out for yourself. Building production ready GraphQL APIs is more than just developing the API, you also need to consider security, management and publishing your APIs for consumption.

In this technical deep dive, Budha, Product Evangelist at Tyk walks you through the following:

  • An overview of key GraphQL concepts, Apollo and Tyk
  • Setting up Apollo
  • Building your GraphQL schema
  • Writing your first resolver
  • Accessing your new GraphQL API
  • Adding your GraphQL API to Tyk
  • Securing your GraphQL API – rate limiting, query depth limiting, field-based permissions
  • Transforming a REST API into a GraphQL API using Tyk’s Universal Data Graph
  • Combining REST APIs into a GraphQL API using Tyk’s Universal Data Graph

If you are new to GraphQL, this will get you up and running quickly; if you are already using GraphQL APIs, then this workshop will show you how to secure and manage them using Tyk’s API management platform.

Demo resources:

  1. Getting started with Apollo GraphQL
  2. Installing Tyk self-managed
  3. Tyk Universal Data Graph (UDG) documentation
  4. REST API for UDG (users)
  5. REST API for UDG (todos)

Our GraphQL Hangout series is a dedicated to our technical developer audience where we’ll deep dive into GraphQL use cases, products, topics and extended live demos.