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Tyk office hours: Discover new API opportunities for your business with Tyk – Americas edition

Duration 60min

In this edition of the Tyk Office Hours, Budha Bhattacharya walks you through the setup of Tyk’s APIM platform. Learn how Tyk enables you to not only meet the needs of your core API infrastructure but also discover new API opportunities for your business.

What we covered:

  1. Introduction & pre-requisites
  2. Setting up Tyk self-managed
  3. Adding an API
  4. Securing an API using a security policy and authentication Token
  5. Rate limiting your API
  6. Enabling detailed logging
  7. Transforming a REST API to GraphQL using Tyk’s Universal Data Graph (UDG)
  8. Combing multiple REST APIs into a unified GraphQL API using UDG
  9. Securing your GraphQL API
  10. Query depth limiting your GraphQL API