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Design-first API management with OpenAPI Specification (OAS) – API Hangout #51

Duration 1h

OpenAPI Specification (OAS) is an open standard quickly becoming the default way to design, document, and describe RESTful APIs. It provides design consistency, code generation, and interoperability, and promotes collaboration and integration through standardisation. Adding API management to the mix enables developers to enhance security, add mocking capabilities and build automated deployment pipelines!

In this video, we cover:

  1. The need for OAS
  2. Design-first v/s code-first paradigm
  3. OpenAPI Specification – 10000 feet view
  4. Structure of an OAS document
  5. Tyk & OAS
  6. Brief overview of Tyk
  7. Demo – OAS
  8. Q&A

Whether you’re a developer, architect, or API enthusiast, this event will help you comprehensively understand API management with OAS. Join us to elevate your API management skills and unlock the full potential of your API ecosystem.