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Managing SOAP, REST and GraphQL APIs with Tyk’s Universal Data Graph

Duration 45min

The world of APIs has changed rapidly over the past decade. The medium for inter-system communication, which started off with SOAP, followed by REST, has further transformed with the advent of GraphQL. While this evolution has been driven by the evolving needs of the digital landscape, they have also posed some difficult challenges for businesses.

On one hand, the more established organisations find themselves in a situation where they have legacy systems built using SOAP, with REST based systems powering their current business needs, but with a desire to stay competitive in an omnichannel industry with GraphQL. On the other hand, newer businesses are caught wondering what the right choice for their solution will be.

Join us for a presentation and demo discussing the following questions:

  • What are the challenges faced by organisations in terms of managing their evolving API needs?
  • What are the key considerations when choosing between REST and GraphQL for your solution?
  • How will Tyk’s Universal Data Graph help you manage your existing services built using different protocols and design patterns without the need to completely overhaul your infrastructure?