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Boosting engineering efficiency through OpenTelemetry, Keptn and Tyk

Duration 60min

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, engineering efficiency is key to the success of any organization. This event aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how OpenTelemetry, Keptn, and Tyk can join forces to gain better visibility into deployments, manage APIs and troubleshoot API issues efficiently in a cloud native world.

Join Andreas Grabner, DevOps Activist at Dynatrace, Sonja Chevre, Group Product Manager, and Budha Bhattacharya, Product evangelist at Tyk, on March 15, 2023 at 12 pm ET/ 4 pm GMT as we explore 3 key components of efficient API observability:

  • OpenTelemetry: an open-source observability framework for collecting, processing, and exporting telemetry data to gain visibility into the performance of distributed systems
  • Keptn: a cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration framework for automating deployment, testing, and monitoring of microservices to reduce complexity and improve reliability
  • Tyk: a cloud native API management platform, powered by an open-source API gateway for managing, securing and observing APIs with security policies, rate limiting, access control, monitoring and improved analytics.

What you will learn:

  • An overview of OpenTelemetry and the key challenges with API observability that it solves
  • The need for making complex application deployments on K8s observable using OpenTelemetry
  • How to leverage DORA Metrics to measure the success of your K8s and DevOps adoption
  • How to troubleshoot API issues in production and identifying the source of the problem
  • Demo & discussion: How OpenTelemetry, Keptn and Tyk solve the full lifecycle API observability problem.