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APIM 101: Declarative API management in K8s to enable API automation

Duration 60min

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open source container orchestration platform that automates deployment, scaling and management of containerised applications. It accomplishes automation by using declarative configurations that enables developers to tell an application what they are trying to achieve instead of specifying how to do it.

Tyk Operator is an agent which can be deployed to your Kubernetes cluster enabling developers to describe APIs declaratively, and to automate deployment of APIs, applications and services using the same pipeline, with built-in reliability and a single source of truth, reducing the meantime to recovery from hours to minutes.

Join Budha, product evangelist at Tyk, as we:

  • Walk through a brief overview of API automation, GitOPs and API management in a K8s environment
  • Discuss the difference between the declarative and the imperative paradigm
  • Demo – Installing Tyk Operator
  • Demo – Creating an API with Tyk Operator
  • Demo – Access an API with Tyk Operator
  • Demo – Secure an API with Tyk Operator