Success, on your terms

At Tyk, we are committed to your success, both professionally and personally.

We listen to what you want to achieve.

Then we help you get there.

We give you the autonomy and flexibility to achieve things your way. We blend radical responsibility with strong values and a whole bunch of benefits designed to excite and empower you.

Let Tyk take you on a journey…

Work for Tyk

We trust you

We always assume the best intent. We’re a diverse team, rich with different life experiences, perspectives, beliefs and quirks. We have each other’s backs and we support each other’s ideas. After all, the only stupid idea is the untested one.

Oh, and it’s ok to screw up at Tyk. Every mistake is a learning experience. Some even result in unexpected new ideas and discoveries.

I’m treated like an adult. I can see the value in what I do every day and that motivates me


Elaine Hollenbeck, Scrum Master

Side projects to inspire

Gregor roasts his own coffee in his garage, Gosia harbours an ambition to be a backup dancer for Beyoncé, Andrew makes furniture in his spare time and Oluwaseye keeps a directory of video game developments.

We love that our Tyklings can fit work around passions like these. It makes all of us happier.

Flexible hours, flexible life

School runs, gym sessions, picnics in the park because the sun happens to be shining… at Tyk, you can fit your work life around your ‘life life’ and put your wellbeing first. We don’t control or monitor working hours. Instead, we trust our team to give their best.

I wrestle and do Brazilian Jujitsu competitively. For now, I’m working at the gym in the mornings to make both commuting and training easier.


Rahmat Abdull Latif, Customer Success Engineer

Let’s talk about you

What are your career and learning goals? At Tyk we provide a range of development opportunities and support you to pursue your own interests and development activities too, from academic learning to relocating to experience a new country and culture.


  • Relocation

    Our Tyklings are a curious bunch. They like to live and work from different locations, so we encourage and support them to do so. Whether you want to spend a month at the beach or up sticks and move overseas, you can do so with our full support.

    “I’m going to realize one of my dreams later this year. I’m going to live and work in Portugal for a month. Portugal has stolen my heart. One of things I am planning towards is moving there permanently. Working for Tyk means I have the perfect opportunity to try it out for a month.”

    Agata Witkowska, Product Owner

  • Career development

    Tyk is in the process of introducing career coaches for every Tykling. No matter where you see your career going, we will help you on your journey. There’s no set career path or fixed development plan. It’s all about what’s right for you. That could be a straight line towards a clear goal or a gentle meander in a vague direction. Either way, we’ll encourage and support your continuous development, providing you with the necessary tools to produce your best work, centred around your unique vision, values and motivations. 

    “Jobs that I had applied for previously had queried the fact that I’d jumped around quite a lot, job-wise. But that wasn’t a problem at Tyk – they like people who are creative and don’t necessarily settle easily. They have a different way of viewing things.”

    Ellee Camfield, Operations Executive

  • Future leaders

    Is your goal to reach the top? If so, great! And if not, great! Whatever your plans are, Tyk is here to support you. 

    If management and leadership are what you’ve set your sights on, Tyk will welcome you into our ‘future leaders’ and ‘management and leader development’ programmes. These take place twice each year. 

    All of our leaders and three management cohorts have enjoyed our leadership training so far. Will you be next?

    “The leadership training was packed with practical tips and approaches that I’ve found myself using in my day-to-day work ever since. Those of us on the training are much more comfortable and vulnerable with one another now too, so we trust and collaborate better. It really developed my skills as a leader and my relationships across the business.”

    Emma Kriskinans, Global Marketing Director

  • Open, honest feedback

    Between 1-2-1 feedback sessions, management meetings and ad hoc catchups over coffee, you’ll always have access to constructive feedback and chances to discuss your progress, your goals, the latest sports results, your current side project, continuous development… whatever’s on your mind. All delivered with a huge dose of empathy, kindness, support and genuine interest, our 1-2-1s keep the lines of communication open, providing the perfect platform to build, set goals and reflect.

    “There’s a lot of kindness and that comes from the top. I think that’s where a lot of companies are missing out.”

    Elaine Hollenbeck, Scrum Master

  • Lunches and cafes

    Tyk is packed to the rafters with talented, curious, creative individuals. We’re spread all around the world, so we deliberately take the time to connect and share our expertise, interests and experiences. 

    Our ‘lunch and learn’ sessions allow you to interact with colleagues around the globe, discovering more about the work that they do and why it’s so fascinating. Held weekly, they are driven by Tyklings, for Tyklings. Simply come along, bring your lunch and ask as many questions as you like.

    Meanwhile, our ‘Tyk cafes’ allow you to connect with colleagues across the business for a coffee and a chat about life. The only thing that’s not up for discussion is work!

    On the work front, we run quarterly webinars that everyone can join. We cover subjects like constructive feedback and improving communication – things that can benefit everyone at Tyk every day.

    “The lunch and learn sessions are so useful for the whole of Tyk. It’s a great chance to learn about other areas of the business and gain new insights and ideas. It’s also good because you can have an influence in part of the business you may not normally be involved in.”

    Paul Cooper, Marketing Executive

  • Learning opportunities

    What do you want to learn next? There’s so much knowledge to discover out there in the world and Tyk will delight in helping you to access it. Whether you want to sign up to language classes, complete a master’s degree or undertake any other kind of external learning, you’ll have our support – both financial and emotional.

    For starters, why not get stuck into ACloudGuru to add to your technical skills or LinkedIn Learning to enhance your soft skills? We will support you to use both fully from the day you join us.

    If you have a specific learning goal in mind, that’s where our coaching and mentoring programme kicks in. We partner Tyklings with development needs with experienced coaches and mentors. Your Tykling Coach will take you on a journey tailored entirely to your needs. Mapping, regular meetings, support and continuous review will ensure you get the best from the programme. And for those who want to become coaches and mentors themselves, we provide full training.

    “​​I passed my degree this year, which I’ve been doing remotely while working at Tyk. Now I’m about to start a master’s degree in psychology.”

    Chris Taylor, Head of Customer Operations

Every single person is willing to help. Tyk wins big on people, culture and lifestyle. They do a great job of that, and it makes you care about the company. In big corporations you don’t get that kind of attachment to the company.


Zaid Albirawi, Solutions Architect

Wellness that works

We want every Tykling to feel at their best, so we support physical and mental wellbeing through a range of activities. The three pillars of our approach to wellbeing are:

True self

Wellbeing isn’t just about keeping fit. It’s about achieving a balance that’s individual to each of us. That’s why we have an employee assistance programme that offers free counselling, wellbeing resources and legal and financial advice to our global team.


We have ten TykWell Champions who support our wellbeing initiatives and make sure we’re heading in the right direction. They are here to help you thrive.

We’re here to boost your wellbeing in practical terms too, from free eye tests to quarterly activity challenges.


Remote working doesn’t mean lonely working. We are a team and are united by our common goals.