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Secure, scalable, capable and cost-effective, Tyk’s API management platform allows you to supercharge your digital transformation initiatives from the ground up.

Designed to deliver in even the most complex of environments, our fully-featured solution allows you to move at speed, while our Universal Data Graph provides a one stop shop for stitching your data sources together. All with our highly experienced architects and engineers on hand to guide, direct and minimise friction.

Reduced complexity. Rapid deployment.

Welcome to digital transformation with Tyk.

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In-depth, holistic digital transformation solutions

Multi-cloud, multi-region. Kubernetes, docker, standard virtualisation. Resilience, continuity, compliance, OPSEC5, open standards… whatever your architecture and requirements look like, Tyk ticks all the right boxes.

Reliable, proven tech for zero-regrets decisions

There’s no scope for gambling on outcomes so far as digital transformation is concerned. That’s why complex international enterprises rely on Tyk’s proven, trustworthy solution to meet their digital transformation needs.

Let your developers take a breath

Tyk makes it easier to build APIs. That means you can use developer time more effectively. Offload the API management portion of your digital transformation to Tyk and allow your developers to focus on the code.

“Tyk Hybrid, deployed on AWS, was integrated within PA’s new Bee Digital product and immediately improved their application’s authorisation to APIs and rate limiting, ensuring that end-users receive a seamless and secure service.

PA Digital

APIs have become an integral part of digital transformation initiatives. Whether you’re bringing your technology capabilities up to current standards, digitizing processes that weren’t previously technology-based, or anything in between, Tyk enables a more secure and efficient digital transformation process.

Flexible deployment options, high availability and scalability are at your fingertips with Tyk. And our Universal Data Graph means that you don’t need another layer of external tech to make things work. Tyk delivers all you need in one highly performant, easy to use package.

After successfully using Tyk to manage their internal APIs, PA Digital quickly found other ways that Tyk could add value to their ambitious plans, and are now also using Tyk to expose web services that can be consumed by third parties.

PA Digital


Security built into our bones

Tyk delivers outstanding API security, straight out of the box. Our offering allows you to create APIs that use the latest security in an easily manageable way. You can upgrade your existing API security easily, across your new and existing portfolio. And all without a hidden cost in sight. It’s part of our ‘batteries included’ approach.

Data-driven solutions that work

Tyk can feed many different analytics and reporting tools. With your team able to view and report analytics easily, you can quickly calculate return on investment and cost of ownership for the APIs that are part of your digital transformation.

No hidden costs or locked out features

We don’t hide features behind a paywall. Tyk is a fully featured, enterprise grade toolkit, whether you’re a solopreneur or you rule the business world. We don’t lock you in and then hike up the price. Nor do we tie you to specific vendors. We work with your existing stack, providing all the key features you need.