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New API security research

Allowing APIs to evolve and flourish in line with business ambitions and customer expectations, while also keeping a tight hold on governance and security, is one of the most taxing conundrums digital leaders face today.

To begin to tackle this challenge, it’s crucial to consider API vulnerabilities from a number of vantage points. From there, enterprises can develop an API management state of mind: a new way of managing APIs which balances innovation and agility with architecture that is secure by design.

In this report, we look at the real-world antipatterns and solutions emerging and consider the important role API management increasingly plays to secure and govern agile and complex APIs.


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Managing API security at scale

With API-first products becoming the norm in the modern digital landscape, building APIs has grown in importance. However, that is just one step in the lifecycle of an API. API security, i.e. controlling access to API and exposing APIs in a secure manner, should be top priority. Beyond API security, organisations also need to consider API quotas, versioning, monitoring, analytics and cataloging to become a truly successful API-first business.

In this panel discussion between Tyk and Gluu we look at some of the trends, challenges and case studies around managing API security at scale.


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An API management layer to secure your API

Performant and secure, Tyk API management offers a secure API gateway for your API and microservices. All code can be easily vetted, audited and security tested. We’re designed for security-focused, and compliance-driven environments and trusted in mission-critical situations where reliability and security come first.

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