Why Tyk’s investment in personal development is changing the game

Our Tyklings are our greatest asset.

We witness the skill, talent and dedication they bring to their work daily and feel lucky to have these superstars actively shaping the trajectory of Tyk.

We recognise that these wonderful people are, well, people. They have lives beyond their work, and we want to see them thrive and develop under the parameters of their role at Tyk and in their personal lives.

Tyklings’ development = Tyk’s development

Many companies underestimate the impact of investing in employees’ personal development, which ultimately risks business development. When you invest in your team, your team invests in you. It’s impossible for talent to pour from an empty cup and gone are the days that we should expect this from teams.

Traditional benefit offerings are simply not enough to support high-performing talent. Developing and enriching your team in their life journey is an investment that every company should step towards making. We couldn’t be more excited that we have committed to investing in ALL employees’ personal development through our partnership with U.C.U. (Ultimate Contribution Uncovered). This trailblazing path paves the way for this model of benefit offering everywhere.

The UCU programme

We announced our partnership with U.C.U. back in May, an unparalleled programme which unlocks a life coaching experience for every individual at Tyk. The aim? To support them in unearthing their intrinsic values and what they mean for their lifelong learning journey.

Having been through the programme, our C.O.O., James Hirst, offered insight into what this unique opportunity means:

The coaching we’re offering is completely new to our industry, and I’m incredibly proud that Tyk is the first organisation to do this. We believe that if we build a high-performing team, invest in that team, and make it as good as it possibly can be, then the product, the service and everything else will follow the same path.

But we also recognise that Tyk is just one part of our lives, and we want to ensure that the time we all spend working at Tyk is as rewarding and fulfilling as possible. And given the focus on radical responsibility, autonomy and flexibility – something we have been promoting as a remote-first business since day one – it’s pretty clear that we shouldn’t just be coaching people on how to do their jobs.

Seeing the benefits for me, it is now vital to me and my leadership colleagues that this opportunity is something that we should be offering to every employee, not just executive teams with executive training budgets.

This investment speaks for itself, as we have now seen our first cohort complete the programme.

The feedback 

86% rated the U.C.U programme experience ‘outstanding’ and that it ‘made [them] appreciate, re-evaluate and re-think things’. That’s not all; we’ve also heard directly from our most recent cohort, and this is what they have to say:

“The coaching program has helped me understand myself better, especially my core values. Now, when I face a situation, I pause to think about my core values to figure out what’s important to me. And how to change that feeling. I’ve also begun structuring my weeks to ensure I meet my personal needs, although, as a mother of young children, it can be challenging to prioritise self-care. But I can already see the progress I’ve made and its positive impact on me.”

“The U.C.U. programme has been a real rollercoaster for me! I knew I’d be diving into a big commitment, but who knew it’d also be a deep dive into my emotions! The last seven calls have become a fascinating journey where my values and mission are becoming centre stage in everything I do. They’re like my compass, guiding how I respond to day-to-day things. It’s impressive to see how a course can shake you up in the best way!” 

“Diving into the U.C.U. programme was like hitting the high notes in a Led Zeppelin track – electrifying and revealing. It sharpened my focus, emphasising my distinct qualities. By leveraging these strengths, I’m setting purposeful goals that keep me cranked up to eleven in my personal and professional endeavours.”

Tyk loves Tyklings

We’re delighted to see the remarkable growth achieved by this cohort of Tyklings, and, more significantly, we’re thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive outcomes of this programme.

Our collaboration with U.C.U. epitomises why Tyk is the ultimate workplace. Our commitment to the development of every Tykling stands strong, complemented by our robust internal coaching and mentoring programme. Even with the plethora of benefits we offer to ensure life balance for every Tykling (unlimited holidays, remote-first, flexible working).

We continue changing the game and re-writing the rules by giving each Tykling the chance for self-led development – because everyone has the space to thrive and excel at Tyk!