Unleashing the power of Tyk for start-up platform engineering teams

Start-ups enjoy a heady mix of speed, efficiency and agility that many long-established businesses eye with envy. For start-ups with platform engineering teams, things are even more exciting. These eager young businesses are at the forefront of what can be achieved in the API space – provided they have the right API experience platform.

The right API platform can deliver exceptional value to platform engineering teams in start-ups, delivering business benefits and technical wins. Let’s use Tyk as an example to show you how.

Tyk Gateway: speed, security, and scalability

As a start-up, you need a fast, secure, scalable API gateway. Tyk Gateway checks all those boxes and more. Engineered with speed and efficiency in mind, Tyk Gateway can handle thousands of requests per second with minimal latency. The stellar performance means you can deliver a seamless and reliable user experience – the ideal foundation for building trust with your customers. It can handle rapidly increasing traffic, so your business can grow at the stratospheric pace you’ve always dreamed of.

Tyk Gateway comes with robust security features out of the box – we don’t hide essential features behind a paywall. It protects your APIs from a wide range of threats so you can sleep easy at night, even as your business empire expands around the globe.

Tyk Dashboard: streamlined API management

Efficiency is at the heart of every successful start-up’s rise to glory, so Tyk makes it easy and efficient for your platform engineering team to create, update and monitor APIs. Tyk Dashboard provides the user-friendly interface you need for managing your APIs and clear and granular analytics so you can monitor their health.

Naturally, you’ll want to onboard developers easily, so Tyk Dashboard also includes a customisable developer portal for your API documentation, developer auto-enrolment and usage tracking. As the Dashboard exposes the Tyk Developer Portal as a separate component of the application, you can deploy it as an internet-facing or purely admin application. After all, Tyk isn’t here to dictate what you should do. We just support you in building a thriving API ecosystem.

For data-driven start-ups, there’s also plenty to enjoy. Key performance indicators around time to market and developer adoption metrics are easy to track. That means you can see how streamlined API management gets your products to market faster and encourages developer adoption.

Tyk API management: flexibility and customisation

Ready to break the mould? Tyk’s API management platform is designed to be flexible and customisable, allowing your platform engineering team to tailor the solution to your start-up’s unique needs. It means you’re free to flex and innovate, with Tyk adapting to your preferred infrastructure.

Tyk supports multiple deployment types, including cloud-based, SaaS API management solutions and on-premise, self-managed solutions. The result? You can create a tailored API experience that empowers your product and platform teams while keeping your developers happy. All are seamlessly integrated with the infrastructure you need to achieve your start-up’s lofty goals.

Watch those purse strings! 

Not every start-up is rolling in cash. A lot of decisions in the early days had a direct impact on the founder’s own pockets. When every dollar counts, Tyk’s “batteries included” ethos shines. All of Tyk Gateway’s features are available out of the box, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions. It means you can save on API management expenses and enjoy a high return on investment. Happy days.

Exceptional support

Starting a new business can feel lonely at times. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to do – and all of it, ultimately, rests on the founder’s shoulders. But Tyk is here to help. Our fantastic support team provides quick turnaround times and assistance, whether you’re developing the first proof-of-concept or troubleshooting issues within the production environment. We’ve got your back so your platform engineering team can focus on what they do best: building and managing APIs.

Shall we begin?

You’re in the right place if you need a flexible, customisable, cost-effective solution for your start-up platform engineering team. With its focus on speed, security, scalability and customisation, Tyk is the ideal choice for start-ups looking to harness the power of APIs. If you’re ready to conquer the API world with Tyk by your side, you can speak to our team or dive straight in and get started.