Tyk’s new developer portal has just landed!

New Enterprise Developer Portal Release from Tyk

We’re excited to announce and share the launch of Tyk’s all-new Enterprise Developer Portal.

Here’s a video intro from our CEO and co-founder, Martin Buhr:

We have completely redesigned and rebuilt our developer portal from the ground up. Why? Primarily to tackle head-on and simplify the challenges of innovating, managing and releasing API products faced by distributed teams contributing to the API lifecycle.

It is simple to use and delivers the following benefits:

For API owners/creators

  • Multiple central unified API catalogues to fully manage the access and visibility of API products and plans by team, organisation and region
  • Bundle APIs as products packages to external developers
  • Productise your APIs by providing flexible tiered access levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and subscription options
  • Real-time access and provisioning request management 
  • Fully customise your API Developer Portal to ensure consumers have an easy-to-use, informative, helpful, and on-brand experience
  • Improved support for versioning your API products

For API developers/consumers

  • A single place to browse and discover API products in one place
  • Subscribe and request access to API products
  • Collaborate with and provide feedback to API providers
  • Access to help and support from API providers

A developer portal is a critical part of the API journey. Exposing APIs is just the start of companies extracting value from their data and services. But exposing them isn’t enough. An API is only useful and successful if it can easily be found and adopted by developers. 

Companies must make their APIs easy for developers to discover, understand and adopt to encourage development, engagement and API innovation. A developer portal (an API portal) serves as a focal point for both the developers wishing to provide API services and those wishing to consume them by embedding them into their products. 

What’s so good about our new portal?

Tyk’s Enterprise Developer Portal is, by design, an API product launchpad. 

We have created a hub where API providers can launch APIs and create a booming API marketplace and where consumers can easily discover what APIs are on offer. 

It provides a fully-fledged CMS-like system that enables you to serve all stages of API adoption: from look-and-feel customisation to exposing APIs and enabling third-party developers to register and use your APIs.

To sum up

With the Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal, API product teams can go beyond basic developer portal capabilities and start building an API marketplace that will drive their business forward.

Simply put, it enables API providers to increase business value by boosting the adoption of API products and unlocking new revenue channels at scale. With complete visibility of all your API assets and products, you can identify areas for optimisation and growth in a flexible and straightforward way. 

Congratulations to Tyk Product Engineering and the extended team for this milestone!

Start boosting the adoption of your API products

You can learn more about our Enterprise Developer Portal in our developer docs.

We’d love to know what you think about the new portal –submit your feedback on Twitter or via the portal itself.

If you’re interested in seeing how Tyk’s Enterprise Developer Portal can help your API engineering teams rapidly innovate, deliver and grow the adoption of their API products, reach out to us today for a demo and free trial.