Tyk joins the Open API Initiative!

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Oh frabjous day! This is exciting stuff…

For those of you who don’t know what the OAI is, here’s what they have to say about what APIs represent:

APIs form the connecting glue between modern applications. Nearly every application uses APIs to connect with corporate data sources, third party data services or other applications. Creating an open description format for API services that is vendor neutral, portable and open is critical to accelerating the vision of a truly connected world.

Now, everyone together – what’s the Tyk motto?

Wait, you don’t know it? Shame on you. It’s:

“Connect every system in the world”

Sounds awfully similar amirite?

Bottom line: our goals here at Tyk and the goals of the Open API initiative are very well aligned, as an API Management platform, a lot of the things we end up doing is reading, displaying and interacting with the OpenAPI spec, so it’s very important to us, and our users that we know what’s going on.

We work with a lot of big companies, and we work with a lot of small, fun startups that like to really push the boat out, and every time we see someone talking about another standard, we see the problems caused by the various vendored implementations (and we’re a vendor!), and by golly, we don’t want to be part of the problem, we want to be part of the solution. Standards make things better – we like standards – and we’re painfully aware of what another standard means to the world of API Description languages:


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So we are proud to announce that Tyk is now an official member of the Open API Initiative (OAI) – A Linux foundation collaborative project that is well placed to reduce, rather than proliferate, standards.

The OAI aims to create an open source, technical community where industry participants may easily contribute to and adopt the project’s technology and focus on creating, evolving and promoting a vendor neutral description format currently known as the Swagger Specification.

We are all looking forward to contributing to this project and being a part of reaching our goal.