The Tyklings are giving back

Here at Tyk, we care an awful lot about this great planet we’re spinning around on and intend to do everything we can to make things better. 

Humans are pretty special when they come together for the common good, and as a company and as individuals, we fully understand our position and power to make a significant impact through volunteering and environmental initiatives. 

Tyk offers all staff members two days per year of volunteering leave, plus resources of inspiration on how to get involved in charitable efforts. Our Tyklings also spend a lot of their own time getting involved in initiatives close to their hearts. The ripple effect of positive change is visible in our communities and beyond – which continuously motivates us to give our time to support a wide range of causes! 

So, enough of this talking the talk stuff – here’s how we’re walking the walk:

Raising £5,000+ for Tech Tackles Cancer 

On the 24th of May, a bunch of our London-based Tyklings supported Tech Tackles Cancer (TTC) at their live-band karaoke showdown in London. It benefits Children with Cancer UK, one of the leading childhood cancer charities in the UK, with a vision of a world where every child survives cancer. 

All the donations go towards funding life-saving research and supporting children and their families through treatment and beyond.



Thanks to our Head of People, Michal, for raising the bar with her stellar performance (and who only went and won!) to help raise money for this vital cause. 

Kitchen volunteering in Singapore 

The APAC team volunteered at ‘Willing Hearts’, a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks and distributes about 7,000 daily meals, 365 days a year for poverty-stricken families and individuals in Singapore.

Our Tyklings spent their time as Kitchen volunteers helping to cook and pack food which is then distributed to those in need. 

Go, team Singapore!

Helping women and children at City of Refuge in Atlanta 

The Americas team volunteered at ‘City of Refuge’, a charity that supports children and women of broken homes and homelessness. It’s located in the middle of one of Atlanta’s most historic and struggling neighbourhoods, where nearly 40 percent of the residents live below the federal poverty level.


Travis and Josh spending their morning with the kiddos


Our Tyklings volunteered within the preschool department, supporting teachers with lesson plans, looking after the infants and doing arts and crafts. 

Kudos to team Americas!

Volunteering at Food Cycle Hackney in London

On the 8th of June, some of our London-based team volunteered at FoodCycle in Hackney, a charity on a mission to make food poverty, loneliness, and food waste a thing of the past for every community.


Rich on kitchen duty


FoodCycle Hackney works thanks to great volunteers giving their time, enthusiasm and energy. If you’d like to volunteer at one of these events, they’re always looking for cooks, hosts and food collection volunteers. Check them out and find a volunteer location near you, here.

Volunteering matters 

In addition to the in-office charitable events we participate in, we also want to recognise the fantastic efforts our Tyklings make, using Tyk’s voluntary day off or in their own time, to the causes important to them. 

Elaine, our senior scrum master, has become a school governor at her daughter’s primary school. In her role, she helps with scrutinising the development plan and preparing staff for inspections. 

And Pato, our technical lead, was called to be one of seven instructors at the nationwide camping course organised by his scout federation. He talked about how to successfully run and mount a camp kitchen on the field. 

And not to mention Yaara, head of DX,  who volunteers for the Israeli scouts in the UK. She recently took part in a weekend seminar to help facilitate the learning of the leaders of the future!

It’s inspiring to see the transformative power of individuals harnessing their knowledge, dedicating their time, and channelling their energy towards a brighter future for the initiatives they’re passionate about. We love to see it! 

Creating positive change and leaving a lasting impact 

Tyk’s commitment to volunteering is driven by our genuine care for the planet and its communities. We firmly believe in the power of collective action and have witnessed the positive impact of change through our volunteering efforts. 

But it doesn’t stop here. 

As we continue to walk the walk, we invite others to join us in creating a brighter future for all. Together, we can build a world where compassion, sustainability, and social responsibility thrive – to generate positive change and leave a lasting impact on our planet and the lives of those in need. Watch this space for more updates!