The API product management newsletter | #20 | 07 March 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of the API product management newsletter, dedicated to helping product teams drive more business value from their APIs and API products.

This week: We’re delving into the pitfalls and potential of platform-as-a-service products and API development this week. We’re covering why it’s so tricky to create great platforms, how oversimplified API thinking holds us back, and why beginners are the key to shaping the future of APIs.

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💡The good stuff: This week’s API product management links:

“Why is it so hard to create a great platform-as-a-product?” – Nicki Watt

This is a must-watch to gain valuable perspectives on navigating the intricacies of platform engineering and fostering a product-thinking mindset. Nikki Watt, CEO and CTO of Open Credo, discusses the concept of platform-as-a-product, emphasising its significance in modern software development. She also covers the challenges faced by organisations and offers insights on how to overcome them, ultimately advocating for a user-centric approach to building successful platforms.

How simplistic API product thinking is holding back progress – Marsh Gardiner

APIs have undergone a serious glow-up! Here, Marsh Gardiner shakes up the idea of APIs just being tools like Stripe or Twilio, urging us to think beyond. It dives into what truly makes an API product, emphasising the need for distinct producers, consumers, transactions, and repeatability. It’s a wake-up call for the technical world, nudging us to see APIs as more than just code but as dynamic entities with vast potential to bridge the gap between technology and society.

The future of APIs is (still) beginners – Taylor Barnett-Torabi

Tackling APIs from a fresh angle, Taylor Barnett-Torabi redefines what it means to cater to beginners in the API landscape. Taylor delves into the essence of ‘beginnerhood,’ expanding beyond just newcomers to software development, inviting everyone into the fold. By embracing beginners, API creators are prompted to fine-tune every aspect of their design, from endpoint naming to overall user experience.

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