The API product management newsletter #014 – 07 November 2023

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This week: We’re heading from the past into the present and on into the future this week. From the path to building your product manager skills, via what a successful API programme looks like in 2023, to the future of product management, there’s plenty to set your mind in motion as we travel through time.

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💡The good stuff: This week’s API product management links:

“You do have to be technical for this particular role” – Nkem Nwankwo

Would you like to be a better platform and API product manager? That’s the focus of this special Product Management Mastermind session. Hosts Felix Watson Jr and Jayanth Prathipati chat with Nkem Nwankwo, Group Product Manager at Greenhouse, about what makes API platform + product management unique and why it’s such a hot space. There’s plenty to pick up here about the value of blending technical, business and customer service skills for successful API product management.

“In all cases, some API product management is required” – Matthew Reinbold

What does it mean to have a successful API programme in 2023? There’s no single roadmap to success, as Matthew Reinbold explained recently, because success means different things to different companies. That said, his clear summary of the API programme progression model should be useful for anyone looking to reach the heady heights of a transformative API programme that has the potential for runaway success, industry disruption or both. At the heart of it all, naturally, is API product management.

“Let’s talk about the future and where your platform could be” – Robert Prince

Imagine the future of your platform. You’ve got everything, everywhere, all at once. Many extensible products across thousands of partners and businesses, with constantly delighted customers. All launched in every country and working harmoniously with no down time. Sounds good, doesn’t it? In this interesting talk from API Days London 2023, Just Eat’s Robert Prince talks through some pragmatic strategies for moving your platform closer to that dream future. Plenty of handy tips here if you’re ready to grab the future with both hands.

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